Monday, September 29, 2008

What's In A Name? My name that is...

*47% of the letters are vowels. Of one million first and last names we looked at, 7.7% have a higher vowel make-up. This means you are very well envoweled. (I think I'll add this one to my resume :))

*Backwards, it is Elleinad Liahkem...nice ring to it, huh?

*In Pig Latin, it is Anielleday Ekhailmay.

*People with this first name are probably: Female. So, you are constantly overcharged for beauty products.

*It's Origin is French. It's Meaning is: My Judge.

*My personal power animal is the Mike Tyson. (Hm, interesting...)

*My 'Numerology' number is 4. If it wasn't a load of crap, it would mean that I am practical, tenacious, traditional and serious. I am well organized and have a strong work ethic. (For being a load of crap...those sound awfully true to me...)

*According to the US Census Bureau, 0.149% of US Residents have the first name 'Danielle' and 0.0001% have the surname 'Mekhail'. The US has around 300 million residents, so we guesstimate there is only 1 American who goes by the name Danielle Mekhail. (Woohoo! That's Me!!!)

If you want to try it...go to :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Being Attentive

What does it mean to be attentive? Any scholar can certainly give you Webster's definition:
14th century
1 : mindful , observant 2 : heedful of the comfort of others : solicitous 3 : offering attentions in or as if in the role of a suitor
— at·ten·tive·ly adverb
— at·ten·tive·ness noun
But what does it mean to YOU? How would you describe it as it pertains to your own life? I guess what sparked this blog is my husband. I've never really thought about this word until just recently. Or sometimes don't stop to think about the great qualities I have in my husband that other wives would DIE for. I'm pretty lucky...ask anyone out there :) I can even go way back into the time when George and I were still just dating, not even engaged yet I don't think and we were eating dinner with some friends at Buca Di Beppo. George was sitting to the side of me and I remember smacking my elbow against the table or chair and just casually saying "Ouch" (P.S. do you ever find yourself saying "ow" when it doesn't even hurt? It just comes out that way out of habit or something? yeah...that's me...alot.) Anyways, I don't think it really hurt cause I continued on my way...In the meantime, George had noticed and kindly rubbed my elbow a little bit (I'm still doing whatever not really paying attention) and I'm not sure if he asked if I were ok or not, BUT...some women at a table near ours, saw George do that and made a comment within their table that was overheard from a friend of mine that George was SO attentive and wished they had a guy like that...don't worry, I'm still not noticing any of this, until my friend spoke up about what the lady had said. At the time, I guess my thoughts were, "Uh, who's boyfriends wouldn't do that?" (You can already see that I'm taking his attentiveness for granted...) Skip to September '08...married...have a baby a new mom, I struggle alot. It's been easy at times and real rough too. The rough times...I call George up, explain my situation...boom. He's home from work, helping me out. Still not thinking anything of it until yesterday when I'm at a friends house. She starts talking about things and basically asks me how I do during the rough spots and I say to her, "Well, great...I have a ton of support from my husband, if I'm having real problems, he'll be the first to drop what he's doing and come home and help me out..." She's looks kinda amazed and I say, "Wouldn't your husband do that? He really is a great dad." She turns to me and says, "He's an awesome dad, but that's not just a dad thing...that is a really GREAT HUSBAND THING." So I guess that is when I stopped to actually think about it and realized: not every husband is so attentive as George. I'm very lucky. It was really confirmed today when I was sitting at home this morning, bundled on my couch in a sweatshirt and slippers, underneath a down blanket freezing to death! We have a gas fireplace that we turned the pilot out for the summer, but now that it's fall and it's colder, I really needed it turned back on so I could warm this place up. So I shoot him an email about a to-do list around the house and that was priority. Who comes walking through the front door not even a half hour later? My husband...saying..."I can't let my baby freeze..."
Dear George,
Thank you so much for being the attentive boyfriend and fiance that you were and for the attentive husband and father that you are. I ask myself, "Is it the flexibility of his job make him that way?" I'm sure it helps, but I'm 100% sure even if you were at any other job you would make it a point to still fulfill and support my needs. I realize this now and thank you for making my home a warm one this morning! My toes are still a little frosty though...can you just come home and sit on them for me? :)
So In Love With You,
Your Wife

Sunday, September 21, 2008

He Found A New Voice AND A New Pose

Kingston isn't really doing the cute baby coo's and caw's anymore...when he did...oh it was precious. Now...he kinda has this annoying shrill of a shriek when he is "talking". He makes it when he's playing, when he's talking to you after the bath or even when he's upset. He kinda sounds like a I need to get a whistle? I was able to catch a part of it on video when George and I were playing with him tonight. Kingston was lying in a blanket and George kept covering Kingston up and then un-raveling him and he loved it, but the most funniest part was the way Kingston would strike this Ta-Da pose with his arms...we were dying of laughter!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seattle's Most Eligible Bachelorettes

These girls don't know I'm doing this, which makes it all the more fun...right? I had a tough time finding photos...that they would approve of anyway (so girls if you don't like it, send me a new one ;)) But to the point...I have 2...count them...1...2...BEAUTIFUL bachelorette's in the Seattle won't be disappointed guys!

Bachelorette #1: Miss Anne S. Brucker

Anne is 27 years old and has been one of my best friends for 8 years now (wow! 8 years Anne? Really? Go Us!) Anyways :) She has beautiful brown hair, but don't be fooled guys...she's been known to be a blonde too! She has the bluest of blue eyes...I mean, she was voted best eyes in HighSchool (granted that was almost 10 years ago, but let's be real eyes never grow old). However, if you're in search of your "Brown Eyed Girl" skip to Bachelorette #2. Anne is 5'6" and needs a man TALLER than her. If you're 5'7"...move on...sorry, she wears heels :) She's funny as all get out and currently works in Real Estate, but LOVES kids (*insert Chandler Bing voice here* Did I mention she works in Children's Ministry at church?) so you really need to be a hardworking Man who wants their wife to be a stay at home mommie. Speaking of Children's Ministry at church...she loves the Lord...ALOT. So she needs a Christian Man after God's own heart. Anne loves a musician, perferably the guitar? Shag hair wouldn't hurt either. She's a Seahawks fan so all you boys out there who prefer to bowl instead? Maybe skip to Bachelorette #2? Oh yeah...are you a Democrat? Just stop reading fact...just stop reading MY blog in general and I urge you, this one instead: Anne only dates Republicans. Anne would take GOOD conversation as a date anyday, but if you happened to surprise her with 2 tickets to the Matt Nathanson concert, buy her a Bud Light, show her a good time, kiss her goodnight, say you're going to call her tomorrow and then ACTUALLY call her tomorrow? You'll win her heart forever...

Bachelorette #2: Miss Samar S. Mekhail

Samar is 25 years old and is the sweetest girl you have ever known. I should know, cause well guys...she's my sister-in-law. That's right...I'm married to her brother and let me tell won't be disappointed if you marry into this family. might:) We are all pretty crazy, but the great thing get to ride through it with all of us! She has long beautiful hair, dark brown eyes and dark, beautiful skin...that's right guys, she was made in Egypt! Who doesn't like Egyptians? If you can walk like an Egyptian, you can certainly marry one right? If YOU had brown skin too? That wouldn't hurt either. That actually INCREASES your chances! What do you think about that?!?! You know Samar's been known to like those athletes...the Seahawks are probably looking for a Wide Receiver about now...this could definitely turn into a two for one deal, you know? A career AND a wife? I don't know about you, but that sounds AMAZING. Ok...moving on...Samar is 5'10" (I know what you're thought Bachelorette #1 was tall), but don't worry...she rarely wears heels...she's a total flip flop, flat shoe wearin' kinda girl, except when she's walking down that runway. That's right...I said it. She also models. And if you're a girl who models, please don't think you can work it down the runway better than her...cause can't :) She works full-time as a waitress at Maggiano's so I guess if you hate Italian food...maybe she isn't the girl for you? She graduated from UW though with a degree in Graphic Design and does amazing work! She even does some freelance work on the side. So if you're not looking for a wife, but need a Graphic Designer? Bachelorette #2 is still the girl for you! She LOVES to travel and is a sucker for the sun. I know right? Homegirl was blessed with beautiful brown skin and she still loves to tan in the sun. Oh Samar... PLEASE NOTE: if you own a boat business, drive boats for a living or even live ON a boat? Move on...she was once in a boating incident (she can tell the story) and isn't all that crazy about boats anymore...sorry. Regardless of the boating incident...I don't think she'll want to live on a boat anyway, especially since there will be no room for a family. You heard me right again guys...She needs a dedicated, committed, Christian man who will someday want their wife to be a stay at home mommie. Samar love the Lord and also loves to go out and have fun and doesn't even mind bowling :) Pick her up, take her out to Lucky Strike for some drinks and a good time, kiss her goodnight, say you're going to call her tomorrow and then ACTUALLY call her tomorrow? You'll win her heart forever...

Now guys...I'm not sure if you could tell, but these two wonderful girls are NOT looking for cutsy wootsy boyfriends who 6 months down the road are going to drag their hearts down the Alaskan Viaduct, across the West Seattle Bridge, through the sand of Alki Beach, only to find themselves on a rollercoaster ride that they can't get their money back on. Got it? They need a mature MAN, looking for a wife...and I realize, none of those guys read The Mekhail Family blog (they really should though, it's pretty entertaining) so if any of you peeps out there know a friend of a friend who knows their sister's best friend's cousin's, cousin's aunt's brother's step-daughter's bff's brother? Send 'em on down!

Hidden Video all know I went to Chicago...without Kingston and without George.'s no surprise, Kingston spent 4 straight days with George and all his guy friends...and this is the funniest video I think I have come across in a long time! George and his good friend Drew filmed this on my computer while I was gone and I just saw it today! (You will need to turn off the music player to the right to hear the video in full force :))

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Uncomfortable In My Own Skin.

Do you ever just feel like you don't know who you are anymore? You feel like you're not the same person a year ago or even from last week, but can't pinpoint what's changed? Or why it changed? Maybe nothing changed, but you just think it changed? Or think it was everything or everyone else that changed and not you? What about feeling like you don't belong anymore? That you got left out? Not because someone or something really left you out, but because you're the one that chose to leave? What if it's that you really do belong, but you're choosing not to accept it? Maybe you're really the same person you always were? No...that's not've changed. Or at the very least...changing. Maybe changing isn't a good word...maybe growing? But why would you find yourself growing and feeling lost all at the same time? Maybe you're too consumed with the thought of where I am headed rather than where God is leading you to? Just when you think you're getting on a path with God, you're still making it about yourself? You're choosing NOT to belong (even though you are changing) because you somehow think your change is bigger and better than something or someone else? Or maybe you think your change ISN'T as great as something or someone else? You soon find yourself incredibly unhappy. Almost depressed. Uncomfortable in your own skin. Not wanting to be here, but not wanting to be there either. Wondering whether to stay or to go. To try something new? Try and figure it out? But does it take leaving to figure it out? You suddenly don't know...maybe you think there's no right or wrong answer here? You shove your thoughts underneath your sheets at night and wake up to a new day...(thinking) you're renewed...(thinking) I was over-analyzing...but a couple days've stepped out of body again. You feel like an outsider looking in. But all you can see is static? Discomfort? see unhappiness. But why are you unhappy? don't know. Upon feeling like you've changed, do you feel like you changing isn't for the worse? You just want better for your life? For your family maybe? You were made for better right? So is it you making your own life miserable cause all you're doing is THINKING and not DOING? But you *think* (there's that word again) what am I supposed to do? Where do you go from here? How do you jump back into yourself and feel good about who you are again? One thing you do know though is that you do BELONG to Christ (1 Peter 2:9). You may not feel the encouragement of belonging to Christ, because you're truly not seeking Him. Maybe you've been fooling yourself? don't know. But you're starting to realize that living in the dark sucks the joy right out of you and maybe, just maybe, if you start actually talking to God everyday, as often as you can and taking time listening to Him, He will bring you back into the light...comfortably into your own skin...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

End of Summer Bonfire

It's true kids...if you didn't get the memo...summer is ending and I couldn't be more happier. Yeah...the sun is great and all, but I am a total Fall and Winter girl. LOVE. IT. Love it. I like when it get's dark at like 4pm, cold nights, the holiday''s great. But just for the fun of it, I planned a night where a bunch of us should get together, go get happy hour at Ray's Boathouse and then off to Golden Garden's for a bonfire and make smores! However, as of Friday, I didn't want to go anymore, even though I kinda planned it :) Then come Saturday, I REALLY didn't want to go. Only because, I was gone all week...I didn't get home until like 9 or 10pm Friday night, I missed George all week and Kingston and I didn't even get to see Kingston until Saturday morning! The last thing I wanted to do was get a babysitter for Saturday just to go away again. I just wanted to be home with my family. So as you can see, I had a bad attitude from the start. Boo to happy hour. Boo to bonfires. BUT...I went anyway and it turned out great. We left early to Golden Gardens to get a firepit and failed miserably. Not one to be found and not one person willing to give their's up. So we went to Ray's for happy hour pitless. And then, who knew Ray's only had happy hour in their bar area...first come first serve for their 5 took forever! BUT...I named our group Team Hovercraft and we pretty stalked everyone in that bar! Literally, we would stand over people and when we noticed they were leaving we would confirm with them that they were leaving and practically start sitting on their chair as they were standing up. A little vicious, but hey...gotta do, what you gotta do. After happy hour, we were off to Golden Garden's again to just stake out and see if anyone left. At one left and the people who did, already had others lined up to take their firepit. George even went as far as trying to take over one firepit that had only 3 people there...and they were Asian. Hence...they became "The Asians". Can I say that on a blog? I mean, they were Asian. And "The Asians" refused to let us join and claimed more people were coming. Yeah right. They sat at that pit by themselves for so long. So we just formed our own little group in the middle of the sand in the dark...good...cold...times. We just entertained ourselves by talking, pretty much making fun of one another, Mike attempting to dig his own pit and build his own fire and all of us staring at him cause he was failing miserably...until one FINALLY opened up! Yup, you guessed it..."The Asians" left. Can you believe it? And Team Hovercraft was there to take over. We were all warm, made smores and had more good times until the park closed.

The bonfire we longed for at the beginning of the night...

We were entertaining ourselves by giving me a piggy back ride through the sand.

Team Hovercraft around the bonfire we achieved!

Oh Chicago.

I was lucky enough to score a free ticket from my mom to see Faith Hill tape 2 television for PBS Soundstage. One was for a Christmas special and one was for her regular songs. So, my mom and I did the obvious 2 tickets to Chicago ASAP! We left last Tuesday and came home Friday night. And I can pretty much sum up my trip with one picture...

Missing my boys....tear...sniff...tear again...My mom can attest...I was on my blackberry the ENTIRE time talking to George. I couldn't put it down. And when I wasn't talking to George I was just staring at this photo I took with my phone the night before I left and saved as my wallpaper :) He was so gracious enough to stay home with Kingston and play Mr. Mom while I was gone having fun and getting rest. THANK YOU SO MUCH HUSBAND! But I missed them so much and I think alot of it was being just homesick too. I think my mom thought that I wasn't haven't fun with her at one point, haha. Don't worry KJ's...I had ALOT of fun! Who couldn't forget our highlights:

-Airport security lady, rudely commenting on my photo I.D. saying that I was much more beautiful in my photo then in real live person (then digging herself further into a hole by saying it was the pillow I was holding...good one airport lady)

-Weird lady sitting in the aisle seat on the plane to Chicago that pretty much slept on me the entire flight (I unfortunately had the middle Then as we were landing said..."Good flight, don't you think?" You betcha!

-Lame a$$ tollway's in Chicago.

-Not sleeping a wink the first night cause my mom unfortunately snores. Me complaining to George telling him I'm leaving the room...George CALLING my mom on her cell phone, waking her up to tell her to stop snoring and by no means should I leave the mom hanging up the phone, grabbing my pillow I had by the door and throwing it on the bed and telling me, "You're not going anywhere"...her going back to standing there feeling trapped...her waking up in the morning not remembering a single thing! Haha!

-Walking into the hotel elevator with a lady with a strong southern accent complaining her card wouldn't work all day to get to the 8th floor mom asking, "Where you from?" then the lady saying in all her southern glory..."Ohio!" (Uh yeah right...nice cover could have at least said Texas)

-I spy with my little eye 2 of Faith Hill's back up singer's in the hotel lobby.

-Faith Hill looking so beautiful and singing so awesome! Even though she had to re-do There You'll Be 4 times :) Remember that when you watch the specials :) Sometimes it took 2 or 3 takes! Weird being at a taping!

-Eating pizza at Uno's.

-Shopping at Woodfield Mall..."Chicago's #1 Tourist Attraction!"...Please Note: I'm not sure who did this survey, but was certainly A.) Not in Chicago or B.) At the wrong mall...clearly not at all that it's cracked up to be.

-Eating lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at Navy Pier and me being attacked by a attacked? Maybe not the best word...I probably should have went with grazed. It flew so violently by me, right across my back, I thought I was going to die a thousand deaths! I felt attacked and then my mom rolled her eyes and laughed at me. Uh...sorry...when a bird flies across your back and you feel their wings flapping you tell me if you get the eeby jeebies.

-Getting to the airport on Friday only to find out my flight back to Seattle was delayed 2 1/2 hours and me breaking down in tears cause all I wanted to do was see my husband!

-FINALLY getting on my flight home, only to have a lady about 5 rows up, pass out in her chair, fall into the aisle, start throwing up while unconscience, 4 doctors on the flight surrounding flight attendant put on a headset to contact the ground and almost making an emergency landing. I have a heart of compassion, but I seriously thought to myself...if this homegirl thinks she can just pass out and stop me anymore from seeing my family I going to be pissed. Yes...pissed. Thank the Lord the pilot came on to say we were beginning out decent into Seattle. Wooooooooo-hoo.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh Oregon.

George and I packed up the fam and drove down to Oregon for the day yesterday. I HATE feeding on the road and I try to avoid it at all times and this was just going to be a day trip so I wanted to make the most of it. Kingston feeds these days right when we wakes up at 7:30am so it was either we left at 4-5am to make it before his feeding or leave after his feeding and get there at noon. George said...4am...oooookaaaay George. Alarm rings at 3am. My thoughts, "What in the world am I doing? Who packs up their 3 month old in the middle of their night sleep just to drive to Oregon? I can't do this to him...." So, needless to say we left after his 7:30am feeding and made it down to Oregon around 11:30am. I had a slight headache though since Kingston pretty much cried from Chehalis to Vancouver. Everything worked out perfectly though when we got there. My bff Savannah who moved to Las Vegas was in town so we hung out with her at first...then from there we went over to Canby to visit with my Grandfather and so he could meet his great-grandson! It was so nice to see him and let him see Kingston. He was too scared to hold him though. Then from there, I met up with one of my long-time friends Rose that I went to highschool with. She now lives in Florida with her husband and happened to be in town too! After dinner with Rose we just hung out and chatted and then George and I hit the road to come back home at about 9:30pm. Kill yourself. Worse. Drive. Back. Kingston slept the entire way, but George and I were so exhausted I was so sleepy and kept dozing in and out of sleep...George was falling asleep so he was blowing cold air on his face and I kept trying to stay up to talk to him. It was brutal. But we made it!

Great Grandpa! Take 1.

Take 2.
Rose & I at dinner! (if you ask George, this was probably take 145:))
So good to see you! I miss you!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCain Nation

I'm not one for politics...AT ALL! Which is quite odd, because I grew up in a family that was HARDCORE Republican. My Grandpa Joe drilled all of his children and all of us grandchildren to be a Republican and made us recite a song, "We are Republican....we are Republican...we are Republican..." For those of you who already know this song, you know the tune...sorry for those who don't. Then he would quiz us saying, "Now are you a Democrat or a Republican?!?" And all of us would roll our eyes and say with great joy, "Republican!" Flash forward 20 I am...married to a hardcore Republican...who didn't even have the joy in meeting my Grandpa Joe, but no joke, tried to get me excited about RNC and started dancing around singing, "We are Republican, we are Republican, we are Republican..." I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my entire life. I secretly thought...oh Lordy...not only did I marry my father...I think I just married my Grandfather too! If you are any part of the Jacobsen family I bet you are all cracking up right now too. Then George says, "I've never met Grandpa Joe, but I hear he was a great guy!" Man...I truly wish they had met and become friends. They probably would have thrown a joint party for tonight. Our friend Whitney had a the great idea to have a party to watch John McCain's speech was originally at her condo, but since Kingston goes to bed pretty early now, we convinced everyone to come over to our place to watch it so we could be in attendance :) John McCain even showed up...along with Sarah Palin...Bristol...AND her baby!
Welcome John McCain.

Vote for John McCain.

Bristol's Baby.

(George handed Kingston a flag and he immediately grabbed onto it and started waving it around. George says, "He's a patriot!" Then I feared he would poke himself in his eye and snatched it away. :)

John McCain is Pro-Life.

Bristol, Sarah Palin & John McCain. We're honored to serve this country!

3 Months Old

I can't believe it...another month has passed by. It's weird, it's true what they all say that it goes by so fast, but yet, to me it's also going by so slow. It feels like I've had Kingston around for soooo long and that he should be older by now. 3 months doesn't seem that old to me, but when I look back to the day he was! He was so little. Our little guy is growing so much. He has officially grown out of all his newborn stuff and 0-3 month stuff. He is officially in the 3-6 month least lengthwise. He swims in alot of his clothes. For example, his pants, they are mostly big around his waist cause he's really skinny, but his legs are so long...I'd rather have a big waist, then high water pants on my kid :) Besides getting longer each day, he's definitely getting cuter. I'm still wishing he'd get more hair though. I secretly think he's still losing it, which may be true, but I loved it when he had a full head of hair! I'm still enjoying dressing him up everyday and I think he's starting to realize I like it so he's starting to hate it :) There are even times when I dress him and I'm not ok with it so I have to rethink the outfit, undress him then redress him. Ask me how much he likes that! Not very much, but he'll thank me later down the road when he sees his baby pictures and realizes he was the best dressed baby in Kirkland, Washington. He's starting to learn to laugh, not just smile. I like to try and tickle him after bathtime or I blow on the bottom of his feet and he just loves it! I can get little giggles out of him and small little laughs. I love it! He sucks on his fingers...ALOT. Sometimes I'm afraid he'll suck them right off! Haha. He loves his Seahawks pacifier. He prefers it over every pacifier that we have. He reacts to bright lights and loud noises. Before, it was like he didn't even know they were there. Now, he knows when it's dark and knows when it's light. Loud noises startle and disturb him. I can't STAND his room being at the front of the house, especially on garbage day.
Dear Waste Management,
Please come pick up our garbage between 8am and 9am. My son is still trying to sleep at 7am. If you have a problem with this, I urge you, please, get yourself a spouse, then have a baby. I'm 100% confident you won't be denying my request then.
Yours Cordially,
Frustrated Mom in Kirkland Highpointe
I think he's starting to discover his own body and expressions a little more too. He'll stick his tongue out, run it across his lips and he looks like he's wondering what it is and , "Wow, it goes outside my mouth too!" He looks at his hands alot and grabs his onesie and pulls on it...just yesterday, no joke, I was changing his diaper and he reached down and grabbed himself and realized there was something there. It was so funny! Good thing it wasn't a poopy diaper! Kingston also is figuring out what it means to smile and frown. He went through a period this last month where he would immediately frown, then immediately smile, then immediately frown, then immediately smile. At first, we didn't know what to think. George and I were so confused. Is he happy? Oh wait no...he's sad. Oh wait no...he's happy. just couldn't get it together. I think he does now though. Speaking of being sad...we are going through a bad sleep phase. Kingston was such a good night sleeper up until about 3 weeks ago. He's been up in the middle night and can't get himself back to sleep, his naps are all off and it's just been no good. It's partly my fault for not respecting my son's need for a good nap. I'll schedule what I want to do and just think Kingston will just sleep as we do it. Wrong! I've been doing alot of research and talking to other mom's and prayed about it and we are working on a new routine for our family. Kingston now has a way earlier bedtime and I've been working on him getting in good naps at home. The whole "oh, he'll just sleep while we're on the go" thing hasn't panned out well for us at all! It's actually has made things worse. So I've put off alot of day things until we can get a new nap schedule going for the little one. I have to say though, my social life isn't great right now, but it's starting to help. He woke up last night in the middle of night, but went back to sleep without me having to go in there and made it another 4 hours! I hope things continue to get better and can't wait for 4 months...mainly cause that is when his next doctor appointment is and I love getting him weighed and measured! Until are a few 3 month photos....!

Being the cuddler that he is!

Here's what most of our days and middle of the nights looked big cryfest cause he's so tired, yet doesn't know what to do with himself. Don't worry Kingston...mommy's getting it together!

He has a tight grip!

Holding his head up so well and sitting up well...against things.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh Canada!

So the Mekhail family took a weekend vay-cay to Harrison Hot Springs, Canada. We went with George's parents, Engy, Brian and Samar (in case you are reading this and you're not down with the fam yet...Engy is George's sister, Brian is her husband and Samar is George's sister and her husband is still TBD). We left Saturday morning...timed it perfectly with Kingston's morning feeding and made it up there, straight through, no stops, except to pick up Samar, just in time for us to check in, get Kingston fed lunch and us fed lunch! It was definitely a good weekend to get away and relax. I had never been there before, but it reminded me so much of my childhood, taking weekend trips to the beach in Seaside, Oregon or even Cannon Beach, Oregon. I do have to tell you though, by the time Monday morning rolled around I was ready to get home! I was bright eyed and bushytailed at 7am and woke George up to get outta there. Needless to say, our trip home wasn't as...I guess you could say...efficient? It took way longer to leave the hotel..we were up at 7am and didn't probably get out of there until 9ish? Then, we were hungry and had to stop for some food. Then we got to the border and George wanted to go into Duty Free. Then we got to the border and the man said my passport wasn't valid (apparently I had to sign it?) Then George got lost. Then I decided that it would be a good idea to sit in back with Samar and watch Gossip Girl...bad move! I was car sick in about 10 minutes...then George got lost AGAIN! Finally...we were getting somewhere and I had to seriously have George pull the car over for a possible vomit episode: McDonald's parking lot in classy. I didn't throw up, but sipped on some Sprite while George attempted to feed Kingston and change his diaper, which ended up failing miserably anyway, cause Kingston pooped while George was changing his diaper then pee'd everywhere and George managed to put his diaper on backwards...Kingston was soaked in urine and I was hanging my head out the window and Samar...I think she checked out and was on facebook on her blackberry the whole time wishing she were home already :) I finally took it upon myself to take Kingston inside the McDonalds and get him changed efficiently and get a new outfit on him...he SCREAMED the whole time, George said he heard him the whole time he was trying to order chicken nuggets. Shortly after we were back on the road and home in no time! Yeah for Canada...let's go back?

Inside Quotes of the Weekend (that may or may not appear funny to you, but are still definitely hilarious to us to this day!):
George: Samar, what do you want from Starbucks?
Samar: A tall green tea frappacino please.
George: Do you want that iced?
(silence with Samar and I kinda staring at George for even asking)
George (with some passion of being in a hurry): Do you want that iced!?!?

George (just as we crossed the Canadian border and staring at the long line to get back into the USA): Evvvvvvryone wants to come to Aaamerica.

Danielle (as we are standing on the beach looking at the sandcastles): Where did they get all the sand from?

George and Brian (ordering beers from the pool bar): Yes, 3 Coors light please.
Samir (3 people behind George and Brian) pipes up: Hey! Do they have anything dark? I need a Guinness!

Engy (as we are hanging out outside): The wind isn't strong enough to move the clouds...
George: Oh...interesting.

Just arrived and felt the need for a family photo in front of the bear in the lobby of our hotel.

Our favorite sandcastle.

Drinks at the pool! Token Canadian in the back.

Kingston and I on our balcony!

Mmmm, I want fresh squeezed orange juice with my breakfast...

Really? $9.00 for a Minute Maid?

We climbed trees..and by climbed...the ground was 3 feet below, George had to give me a boost and then I was so scared I wouldn't move from this position until George came and got me down.

Brian decided he wanted to play soccer with these 12 year boys. So he shyly asked, "Do you guys have room for another player?" It was funny...

Canada is known for their young drinking age right?

Adios. Canada.