Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still No Baby

I just had a doctor's appointment this morning and as I'm trailing out of the bathroom into the room, Dr. Nudelman behind me quickly says, "Oh geez, you're still pregnant." Despite his awesome humor, he seems to think I've made sooo much progress since last week! To him...so much progress is 1-2 cm. dilated, 60% effaced and the baby's head is positioned at zero! I wasn't that comforted from his findings since I'm pretty much convinced the baby isn't coming. I haven't had one contraction yet. I told the doc, listen, something is wrong, I just don't think my baby knows the way out. Doc says, well I will show him the way, followed by the worse pelvic exam of my life, tears even welled up in my eyes. So if that's not showing him the way, my son has certainly inherited the worse trait possible from the husband: Directionally challenged. Shouldn't they have GPS for babies by now? Anywhoo, today was also our last scheduled doctor's appointment, but seeing as though the little one is content in it's current home, we had to make another appointment for next Tuesday for an ultrasound and Stress Test. If both of those come out fine, then he'll deliver me the following Monday. Yes people, Monday June 9th. Seems so close, yet so far away. I don't think its so much the anticipation of seeing my son, but more so that I have so much pain that I can barely walk or turn over when I'm laying down that makes it so unbearable to wait. However, each day I try to think more positively. Instead of saying, OMG, i'm going to die, it's now, I'm the best womb maker ever, my babies love it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trying To Get This Baby Out

I'm convinced that I am seriously the most unlucky peeps in this world. So you always hear about those ways or shall I say myths on how to get your baby progressing. There's walking...eating spicy foods...drink castor oil...have sex...pressure massage...and sure there are others. So of course, I go for the massages, I mean, even if it didn't work at least I'd feel a little better right? So two friends recommended two different places to get massages from. I jump on both. One appointment was today, my other one...not til Sunday. (Let's hope I don't even make it there). Anywhoooooo...I'm not even going to name names, but let's just say my massage therapist didn't speak english. Problem. So she's massaging my little toesies and feet and I deliberately mention I'm 40 weeks, need to get this baby out, please please please hit all pressure points you know of to help me. She nods, yes, and then points to my heel and says, "no" and then makes a hand motion of a pregnant belly on herself and says, "baby" and points back to my foot and says, "no." I'm not having any of this so I point to my foot and say, "Baby, yes!" And she says, "No baby." And I say, "Seriously, I want baby." I'm seriously trying to argue with this lady and finally just let her be after her 3rd motion of a pregnant belly and the word "no". So after a bit and after her avoiding a crucial part of my foot that actually really hurts I try to come at her a different way and ask her if she could rub my heel more and around my ankles...oh no...homegirl caught on to what I was doing and did another pregnant belly motion and pointed to my foot with a "Baby...no." So I gave up. Laid there the rest of the time trying to relax but all I can think of is what a waste.

Yet Another Baby Update...

Just to let you know that he's still not here yet. Woohoo. Not so exciting right? I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and welp! What do you know? I'm still the same! No change. However, still doesn't mean he can't come any second though. I did express my concern with the doc though that I was convinced he will never come. Doc said he never had that happen before and I told him I was a rarity. :) I also needed to address my other concern of my horrible allergies/cold I have going on. It's been a little over 2 weeks and I still feel pretty miserable. I've tried cold medications and allergy meds and nothing will make it feel even the slightest better. Doc says, nothing I can do, sorry. Very comforting. I just don't know how I'm going to push this baby out when I can barely breathe as it is. I hope for the best. Two side notes, one: it was destined to come up in the dr's office about our Maggiano's run in, Dr. Nudelman proceeded to let us know that George actually introduced himself to Dr. Nudelman at the elevators. "Hi, I'm George." Really? He sees you every week...I think he knows who you are babe. Second, my fellow pregger is in labor right now!!!!! She wasn't due until June 6th, but leave it to her to be the lucky one and have her water break 2 1/2 weeks early, while I sit here twidling my thumbs. Dr. Nudelman is her doctor too and her lil guy is supposed to be here by this afternoon! Congrats Jamie!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Pregnancy Glow

Ok...is there really such a thing? I'm beginning to think not. Has any other preggers out there ever experienced it? Felt it? Was told they had it? I honestly don't know what it is and what it takes to have it. However...I have been told by several random strangers that my belly just gives me this glorious glow and I actually get somewhat offended as if it's such a horrible thing. But here's the thing people...the first time I was told that was when I was at the mall and had been walking all over the map, feeling exhausted and overheated and could even barely waddle and do note: I was wearing a lovely bronzer that day. Then again at the mall today, after I spent the whole weekend in the awesome sun Seattle had over the weekend (again with a little bronzer). I feel like people just say it to say it. You can't honestly say I'm glowing when I'm 40 weeks pregnant, I've got shooting pains through my hip down to my ankles, allergies that have made my eyes red and itchy, my sinuses stuffy and congested, I can barely breathe and I have a nice sun-kissed tan. My hormones just want to be like, "Oh honey, you must be mistaken, it's just your flourescent lights reflecting off my Laura Mercier Matte Glow Bronzer, thanks for playing." For all you Ellen fans....Walk Off.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Update #5

Ok...so not much further along. Here are my stats: 50% effaced, 1 cm dilated and still sitting at -2...hey, at least it's a liiiiittle progress. But who knows, you never know what's going to happen. But I think secretly a part of me thinks that I'm going to go into the doctor and they're going to be like, "OMG the baby's coming!" And well...that's not how it works so I can't complain, just gotta keep praying he'll come at the right time! Not sure if I would want him to come now anyway, I haven't been feeling well. I've had a lingering cold that just won't go away. Then on top of that, I'm having serious leg and hip pain. No...seriously...I think my husband should have gotten me a wheelchair for a Mother's Day gift. It's vicious.

Monday, May 12, 2008


George and I just got back from Burgermaster and no joke, this guy in his twenties pulls up next to us...orders...lights up a joint...smokes...take a drink of Budweiser...smokes...smokes...smokes...gets his food...then off he goes. Really? We are driving around with peeps like this on the road? I officially don't feel safe. I mean, it's Monday night at 7pm people. Couldn't you at least wait until Friday night in the vicinity of your own home? Thanks.

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to wish all the mother's a special Mother's Day, especially all the new mom's out there. Yea for us! It's like having another birthday :) I do want to point out that my very first Mother's Day card did come from the bff, even before my husband. Very thoughtful of her, especially since it was Saturday night and we were actually out celebrating HER talent and accomplishment of completely her final voice recital! She is on her way to getting her Masters in Opera vocal performance and should graduate in June. No joke, the recital was like an hour long of just her singing 20 different songs, half in a different language. She was amazing and did a great job! Then afterwards we all went out to eat at Maggiano's. Oh yes, I said it...Maggiano's. I posted a few pictures of the night, not a whole lot. I always, always, make the mistake of giving George the job of taking photos. And if you haven't noticed already, he captures about 2 good ones and he very much enjoys taking random photos of people when they aren't looking. I actually had to delete like 10 photos off the camera. They weren't even worthy of downloading onto the computer. Not that I'm much better. I would have just not taken any really. We are not picture people, but would like to be. We hope that at least when we have our baby we will become very good at it. Until then, I will keep trying and no joke, probably the majority of all pictures you see from me I have stolen from my friends :) Thank you! But seriously...I don't know what it is about Maggiano's cause every time we walk away from there, it's always a night to remember. There was about 16 of us so it was definitely good times, especially since George hung out with the boys the entire night (half of it at the bar I think) which did include Vanna's brother, who we are all still in shock he is still alive today from all his drinking :) Then my parents were there who chatted it up with Vanna's parents who they don't see too often since then live in Oregon. Bottles of wine, martini's, whiskey and I'm sure alot more alcohol later...they all thought they were so funny! There was a point where my mom was taking shots of what I guess is called a Snakebite (she swears by these, by the way) and she goes on to hold up her empty glass to the waiter and shakes it in the air to signal, "Bring on another one." Then George orders one after her and then announces, "I gotting what you gotting." That's when we knew it was time to leave, but since I walk as slow as a turtle I'm the last one out and as I round the corner out of Maggiano's to get to the elevators, there is my husband, his arm around my OB doctor and yells out, "Look who I found!" Ooooo-mmmm-g. I'm already embarrassed. George seriously looked like Buddy Elf who found out Santa was coming. Of all people you want to run into right now, this is not the person. My poor innocent doctor just got out of a movie with his wife and I'm sure just wanted to get to his car and get home. Then my mom found out who it was and was just going off on how they all want me to go into labor that night and on and on about I don't even know what. I try to make small talk and act normal and thank the Lord when the elevator opens, but Dr. Nudleman and his wife come in too so now it's an awkward ride down to the parking levels and I think I was trying to avoid him, but George and my mom kept trying to talk to them. Any other time would be fine, but after all those drinks, they were just loud and talking about my labor and I was uncomfortable. Thank the Lord they got out first, but not before the door closes, my mom yells out, "See you tonight!!!!" Ask me how excited I am for my pelvic exam tomorrow?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nursery Photos

Ok...so I got reminded that I still haven't posted pictures of the nursery. So I took a couple shots so you all can see it! :) I still have one bare wall...just don't know what to do with it yet. You can go into my web folder to see the rest!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby Update #4

So yeah...back to the doctor today and no change. :( I'm still the exact same as last week so somebody out there isn't giving me their baby vibes. George has finally confessed he is giving up his May 11th prediction. On a good note though, I actually got a compliment on my weight by the nurse! You know that put a smile on my face. It doesn't matter though, I have yet to hit 40 lbs. so I think I'm doing pretty darn good. Hopefully next week shows more progression!