Friday, July 24, 2009

Labor In Style.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Talk about a must have for the delivery room. This will for sure be coming in the room with me come March 2010. dearjohnnies has these AMAZING and CUTE hospital gowns that you can even monogram!!! You heard me. I seriously can't even contain myself. My heart is racing. So many adorable styles...just enough to make you want to do your first labor all over again, yeah?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Are You Sure? {Positive.}

Kingston on my left hip and my Kate Spade wristlet in my right hand I scuffle into the nearest QFC in the middle of the afternoon. I track down their unecessary locked display of condoms and pregnancy tests in the back corner. Now, most people get embarrased by this stuff. Nope, not me. I thrive on it. I spy a group of girls behind the Pharmacy counter and quickly shout out a *Yoohoo* and say I need a pregnancy test and I need a good one! Don't get me wrong. I already have my mind made up on the best pregnancy test out there {ClearBlue Digital, but who's asking?}, but to my dismay QFC didn't carry ClearBlue Digital and I'm on a time schedule. So the innocent, sweet, asian pharmacist walks me over to the unecessary locked display of pregnancy tests and is giving me the rundown of tests, which I'm barely listening to anyways cause I'm still appalled they don't have ClearBlue Digital, but do catch enough to realize that she's trying to sell me on the "Kroeger" brand and asking if I've missed my period yet. *THINKING* Here's my chance to spill my life story to a complete stranger...ready...go! I indulge my innocent, sweet, asian pharmacist and tell her exactly what I'm about: Listen, my last period was June 23, I'm due Tuesday the 21st, I'm 5 days out and need to know NOW...give me the test to do that, thank you and goodbye. "Kroeger" went swiftly back into the cabinent and I was handed that pretty pink box of First Response. She sent me down the produce aisle with a farewell and a "Good Luck!"

So I bustle to the check out counter and barely make it out alive amongst the millions of Eastsiders who decided to do their grocery shopping on that lovely Thursday afternoon. All I wanted to do was pay for my pregnancy test so I could go home and pee. Okay...and Kingston just got out of World's Worse Swim Class and was grumpy and hungry. I make it through the line...pass on getting a back to the Tahoe with Kingston still on my left hip, my Kate Spade wristlet on my right arm and my future waving in my right hand.

And this is why I stand by ClearBlue Digital for life: I pee'd on the stick, set it on the counter and watched it like a bird preying on a sea of fish. One dark pink line...and wait for it...wait for it...1/2 a line? What? What does that mean? It's so pale I had a put rewetting drops into my eyes to refresh my contacts I thought I couldn't see. Nope. Still 1/2 a line. I consulted everyone I knew...mainly Google. There was so firm evidence that it meant pregnant or even not pregnant. So I dwell on my 1/2 line for the rest of the afternoon. *THINKING* Well, I'm still 5 days out...It's still really early...AND I used mid-afternoon pee and not first thing in the morning pee. I concluded, I would try again the next morning.

Chalk it up to impatience. We ran to the nearest Walgreens that evening and picked up my pride and joy: ClearBlue Digital. George is putting Kingston down for bed and I decide I'll just pee then. It's probably the worse pee to use too cause of all the water and everything else I have drank that day. But as I saw the hourglass blink before my eyes it didn't even take 30 seconds before "Pregnant" popped up on the screen. I FLEEEEWWW out of the bathroom, overjoyed, startled my half asleep baby boy and screamed, "We're gonna have a baby!"

There are already people who are shocked I would even announce something so early, but this is how I see it. We are so excited and it's such a wonderful thing! God's Will is not affected by my blog or by facebook or by anything else. God has a plan for my baby and I can't wait to see what it is! And no matter what happens I'll be {write} here sharing it all with you!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...

My Dearest Blog Readers,

I am pleased to formally announce that our beautiful family of 3 will soon be a family of 4 and we are OVER THE MOON excited! Already this pregnancy is way different from the first {stories to come!} and it's still in the early stages, but couldn't resist sharing the blessing that our GREAT God has bestowed upon our family. We're so thankful and would appreciate all your prayers that our lil' peanut will remain healthy and grow into a beautiful addition to this family. Team Mekhail can't raise our hands high enough to our God! I have tears in my eyes...

George, Danielle & Kingston Mekhail

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Novel Nest

Already many of you has expressed interest in doing a book club blog with me! So fun! I have my website up and running! Check it out here!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Crack Open A Book Or Two...

I just finished the book "My Sister's Keeper". Hated it. I still want to see the movie though and see how it compares. Alot of times I find myself reading so so many books...from mindless reading to honest to goodness life changing novels and never having an real discussions about it. I thought it would be so much fun to start a book club. Perhaps a Book Club Blog! I would setup a different blog...pick a book...and me and my trail of blog readers would read together and "meet" once a week and dish on what made their head spin as they read how Lauren Conrad survived her divorce with Heidi Montag or what Screwtape was really trying to say to Wormwood and how maybe we think, act or live a little differently! Details aren't officially made up on how I will EXACTLY execute this thing, but it will be done. fellow bloggers...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

She's Having A Baby!

This past weekend I headed down to Portland, Oregon with Kingston to throw my bff a Red & Pink baby shower. From the sounds of it you can probably guess...she's having a girl! Yup! Eleanora {Nora} Grace should be making her debut September 28, 2009 and can't wait! I got there Friday about noon and it was non-stop, go-go-go, until we made it back home late last night. The original plan was to come back Sunday morning, but mama-to-be wasn't feeling the greatest so she changed her plane ticket to fly back home to Vegas right after the shower and then we headed out as soon as we cleaned and packed up! Man, my head spins when I do parties, but had so much and it was good to see Vanna. Hope you're feeling better roommate! Can't wait to get the phone call of "It's time..." so I can meet your newest addition! Congratulations again!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Daddy's Hat.

Just cause I have the *cutest* boy in the world.

4th Of July!

Team Mekhail would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th Of July! We hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend and got to get alot of relaxing time in. This time of year tends to be one of the busy ones for us since my birthday falls on the day before. So even after the whole shindig Friday evening we still ventured out for a day 'o fun bright and early the next morning. We hit the road about 7:30am with Daniel & Anne and dropped Kingston off at Teta's and Gido's home then headed to Daniel's parents home on Lake Steven's for the day {shout out to the Kelliher's for lending us their home that day...woot woot!} We had soooo much fun just hanging out, laying in the sun, playing volleyball & badminton, swimming, using the water trampoline, tubing, boating and enjoying the fireworks. Enjoy some photos from the day! Cheers!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

27th Birthday Dinner.

Well my fellow blog readers...another year is recorded in the books. I'm officially 27 now. I had such a great day and would love to give a shout out to all my friends and family who wished me a happiest of birthday's {woot woot!}. I slept in...hubby brought me starbucks...Anne & I went and got massages...we soon joined back up with my hubs & bubs for lunch at Purple Cafe where I got to open up my new charm for my charm bracelet...spent the rest of the day relaxing and getting ready for a small and quaint dinner party and bonfire I threw that evening! Enjoy my photos of the evening! Cheers!