Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I wanted to reflect on a feeling that I never thought I would feel in a million years! After George and I left the doctor from Kingston's check up, we drove right past Overlake Hospital. In all its glory was the Women's hospital off to my right and all of a sudden there it was...I missed it. I really actually wanted to be back in the labor room. Many friends and family can attest to my very words during labor and right after labor, "I'm never doing this again!" Yet...I want to. I miss being pregnant, I miss going to my doctor each month freaking out about weird things, complaining about life...I miss the labor...the delivery...taking home the baby...all of it. Weird huh? It really is the best feeling in the world.

2 Month Check Up

Kingston's I guess officially 2 month's next week on the 4th, but today was his 2 month check up at the doctor and just as I suspected...perfectly healthy!!! Even after a series of questions I asked the doctor and was expecting some sort of worry...he said everything is normal! Kingston even did really great with the 3 shots he had to get today :( He handled them like a man! Here are his 2 month stats:

Weight: 11lbs. 4 1/2 oz. (50%)

Height: 24 1/2 inches (90%)

Head Circumference: 40 cm (50%)

Just so you have something to compare this to he was born 8lbs. 4oz., 20 inches long and head circumference of 13 1/2 inches (which I believe is about 34 cm.). Then at his 2 week check up he was 8lbs. 9oz., 21 inches long and head circumference of 36cm. Doc says Kingston is very average in his weight and quite long for his age:) He has papa's height for sure!

He wasn't happy when the nurse tried to measure him :)

I had to capture his length.

Laying on papa's shoulder while waiting for the doctor. He's so cute and always so content when laying on George, I love it!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend O' Fun

After the reunion on Friday night we had a busy weekend ahead of us visiting with family and friends like last weekend. This weekend George and I both had a cousin in town so Saturday we visited a bit with his then went up to Lake Steven's to Daniel's parents house. Lake Stevens has this thing every year called Aquafest on the lake and since Daniel's parents live ON the lake, they invited a ton of us to hang out, bbq, play volleyball and go boating. However, did anyone notice the weather was super LAME? Yeah...we did. So no boating for us or anything, I sat around and watching G play like 5 games of volleyball in which he owned pretty much everyone else out on the field. Yea babe! Then on Sunday we went to my parent's house to visit with my cousin Erica and her two little ones, Ireland and Luke. It's kinda funny, we think Kingston is getting bigger and bigger everyday, which he is, but then we see other babies and think wow, Kingston is still so midge! Ireland is almost 3, but Luke is just 7 1/2 months and he looks like a 3 year old he's so big! When we sat the boy's next to each other, Kingston looks soooo little! It's nice to know he's still a widdle baby and he's not a grown man yet :) And boy was it a blast to see what it was like to have a 2 year old and a Erica would call it: It's a circus:) George and I are still trying to handle one baby now...I can't imagine potty training Kingston as he's runnin' around climbing the curtains as I'm also caring for a baby. I guess it's all relative. I'm sure when that time comes for us I will think my time now was easy! Ha! Oh yes...and through this long busy weekend, we have officially decided Kingston is able to sleep through the night! Yea!!!! Well...I guess Kingston decided...he's awake alot more during the day, which is nice. So he goes down for bed officially around 9:30/10:00pm and then get's up about 5:00/5:30am...that's pretty good right for 7 weeks? Then even after we feed him at 5:30am he'll go back down and get up about 9ish as happy as can be. I can't believe it...I'll just hear him up and I'll go in and he's just hangin' out in the crib, smilin' and stuff. Amazing. This morning I snapped a photo as he yawned...stretched from his long night of sleep and smiled. I. Love. Him.

At Lake Steven's hangin' inside cause it got cold :)

Kingston and Luke.


Just the Three of Us. (Kingston, Luke & Ireland)

Morning Mommy!

Man this was a long night!

Don't worry...I'm smiling now, but you just wait til later...

Friday, July 25, 2008

Hanging Out

Nothing really to report here, but today was just one of our better days at home. Kingston is usually a big fusser. George and I have been thinking for awhile that he's a little colicky, but we think he's getting so much better. Normally when we put him down he'll freak out and wants to be held allllll the time. He can never be content just chillin'. Today, however, after we had bath time, he sat on his boppy for like 45 minutes and enjoyed it the whole time! So as we played together for that moment in time I snapped some pretty darn good photos...even of him smiling!!! I also threw one of him from the other day when it was super hot in our home so we had him in just his diaper and he looks so adorable, I had to share!
I think I'm starting to like my boppy mom.

I'm gettin' the hang of this smiling stuff.

"I love you mommy."

Jon & Kate Plus 8 again?

It's so hot! (Isn't he kinda becomming a little chubbers? I love it!)


Before I delivered, George and I attended a 7 week childbirth class through the hospital and tonight we had a little reunion for everyone to come back to together and show off our little babes and talk about our experiences. I have to admit George and I weren't too keen on the idea, but we're going anyway and I actually had alot of fun! There was about 10 couples in the class, but only 5 of us showed up. It was good to hear each other's stories and how different they all were! It's crazy, you would think that pregnancy, labor and delivery would be almost the same thing all around, but it isn't. It's different for each person..some we're really early, some we're really late, some had 25 hour labors, some had 2 hour labors, some had an unexpected cesarean and some had normal vaginal delivery (can I say vaginal in a blog?). At the end we all took a group photo and photos of the babes. Kingston was pretty much fussy the entire time we were there until we laid him down to take the baby photo. Then he was content as could be and smiled and coo'ed. We surely didn't want to pick him up and take him home right away. We really were enjoying that moment!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The 2 Funniest Things Ever.

I haven't been very good about blogging very much. It's not that we haven't done much either...I just can't keep up. Lately we've been hanging out alot with family and friends. We have spent alot of time in the sun laying out by the pool (ok so I'm laying by the pool and Kingston was just chillin in his stroller in the shade), shopping...alot! (Kingston enjoyed the Nordstrom Anniversary sale as much as mommy) and then spent time with Grandma Jacobsen AND Grandma and Grandpa Mekhail. Today we finally had a day off and just stayed in. In the meantime, I just finally figured out the awesomniss of the video on my blackberry and videoed Kingston sleeping. Sounds boring right? It's truly not...he was sleeping in my arms this afternoon and was making the funniest noise ever! He wasn't even snoring, it was coming from his throat...well, it could be his snoring, but who knows! Kingston has also gotten really good at trying to talk! Not like the "Hi Mommy, how are you doing?" kind of talk, but cooing so much and smiling! I love it! I keep trying to capture a video of a really good "conversation" but I can't get one yet. As soon as I do, I will post it! Moving on though...hours later...I regretted eating a croissant on the couch last night cause guess what I saw?!?! Yup, you guessed ant trying to carry the croissant across the room! You can't see TOO well, but just watch and if you see a black speck moving, that's the ant and if you see an orangy blob moving next to it? That's the piece of croissant. So look at the edge of the couch and the little antie is in the middle at the edge of the couch and carpet. The croissant was seriously the size of a dime...don't worry, after I finished this, I killed that little sucker!

Kingston sleeping.

The Ant.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ants...Ants...And More Ants...

You read correctly, my house is infested with ants. And by infested, I mean I saw 10 if them chillin' in front of my couch yesterday. So I FREAK. I think to myself, "I've been walking on ants this whole time?" I call George...actually, I email George and say we have an ant problem...I needed him home right away. So he ventures on home and in the meantime, I grab little swatches of toilet paper and try to kill the little anties I SEE, but everytime I grabbed at them they would go back into the carpet where I could no longer see them. Darn those little buggers. By the time George got home he thinks I have completely exaggerated this ant situation. Notice I didn't say problem cause to George...there was no problem. He thinks I saw one ant...that's it. He did vacuum the carpet though and back to work he went. However today, my "THS investigates" skills are in full effect and I spy two little anties again! So, I show George...again...he sees this as no problem. I'm sorry...when I keep seeing multiple ants swarming in front of my couch, in my house, in my carpet...that's a need for concern. I don't know where he grew up (Egypt by the way), but where I come from...I call this an ant problem. They're all cute and cuddly when they're animated by Dreamworks, but when they're creepin and crawlin in my house...I don't think so. So George decides to "follow" the ants. He thinks our two little anties will lead him to the pack. Yeah right. Lo and behold, he found 6 more...carrying crumbs...walking in a joke...carrying crumbs. Geez. Now do you believe me George? This is a problem. George phoned an exterminator to find out the deal. The exterminator wants to know what kind of ant it is. Really? He says...describe it.'s small? It has a thorax? Come to find out they are indoor ants who hang out inside and they go searching for food and take it back to their hang out (exterminators are so smart by the way, I mean, who else knows this stuff?). Awesome. Welp now we need to spray the house. I'll need to keep you updated on how that goes...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

He Rolled Over!

Now before anyone comments and bursts my new mom's joy bubble I do realize that he was lifted a little bit on his tummy on the boppy. Who cares! I saw my little nugget struggle to push himself up a bit on his left side and over on his back he went. Oh how content he looked once he got there. You would have thought I caught this moment on film, but not so much. I rolled him back on his tummy to see what he would do and that's when he started wailing. I don't care if this was a fluke incident. He did it. I saw it. And that's all that matters. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Sad Goodluck

My bff of 14 years is off to Vegas! She and her husband have been living in Seattle the past 2 years while she got her master's degree at UW. Then, she had to go and get a job in It has all been a speculation for the past 6 or so months, probably longer than that. Then just two weeks ago, she found out she got the job and they wanted her to start on the 14th. What?!?! I only have 2 weeks to cope with the fact that you're just not down the 520 anymore? We have pretty much spent every day together up until last night. A bunch of us helped them pack up, had dinner together, then roommate had to give me a sad goodbye card, we hugged, I had to cry then we left. It's weird, before they lived in Seattle, they were in Corvallis at OSU. We weren't in the same state for like 4 or so years and it was fine! We still saw each other and talked all the time. I may just be having such a hard time cause we're older, have gotten so much closer together and have shared so many important events in each of our lives, like weddings and kids. It will be hard to get a phone call from her announcing she's having a baby and I won't be there to share in the pregnancy the same way as she was there for me. I'm so excited for them's always fun to start something new. Also a little jealous...she'll have practically a year round tan and gets to lay by a pool everyday and in Seattle. We all know we get like 5 nice days out of the year. Oh well, I will still get to visit alot and just so happens JB's mom lives around here so they'll be back here too! I'll miss her though and JB. I'll miss our bbq's...going to the movies and giving a thumbs up or thumbs down to the previews...our husbands wanting to always play the Wii...hearing crazy hotel stories...JB's "I can't believe you just said that, we can no longer be friends" death look (I got it often by they way :) that's probably why they're in Vegas now haha)...going to the Village...going to Panera Bread (Anne and I will just have to go by ourselves)...sugar cookies at christmas time...the haunted forest at halloween (yes, I think I'll miss it)... our anti-climatic new years eve's and 4th of July' memories, but I'm sure we'll make more! I love you both so much! I don't want to say goodbye cause we'll see each other again soon so I'll say goodluck to you both and hope things go great for you down there! P.S. Kingston is making goo goo's in his bouncer right now...I think he says goodluck too!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I mentioned before that in Kingston's first month he is starting to smile and copy our facial expressions. I videoed a little of what we see. Some may think it's boring, but we think it's just the great thing! You will need to ignore the annoying "boop" that Ashley is saying, but he was really enjoying it for awhile. :)

1 Month Old AND the 4th of July? It can't get any better...

Kingston has officially turned one month old and celebrated his first 4th of July! We spent the day just hanging out and then my parents got a hotel room at the Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland so we had a party there...ate alot of food, played games and watched the fireworks! P.S. Kingston looked so adorable. I just love him. It's true...they grow so fast. I feel like he has already accomplished so much and has gotten handsomer each day. I realize that is poor english so George, please don't comment and say how that doesn't make sense. Thanks :) Things he already loves: being swaddled, his carseat, being fed :), his paci and being walked around when we're holding him. Things he hates: his tummy time, being hungry and if we sit down when we're holding him. Things he is already so good at: crying and eating, holding onto things like our fingers, my hair, our t-shirts, flailing his arms, keeping his hands in a tight fist and holding them by his face, staring at light, staring at faces, holding his head up a bit as it bobbles in mid air before it collapses, trying to situp but realizes he's 4 weeks old and can't do it, makes good eye contact and gets disappointed if you look away from him and my new favorite, starting to copy our facial expressions! He kinda smiles in his sleep and is now trying to copy our smiles when we smile at him!

Yea! I'm a month old!

I'm ready to go watch fireworks mom!

Auntie Roommate swore so George had to earmuff the little guy!

Friday, July 4, 2008

My 26th Birthday

So my birthday gift of sleep didn't go totally as planned. As you realize, I'm making this post at 8:30am. We dropped Kingston off at Grandma's at 5:30pm last night with probably everything we owned for him and 3 pages of instructions :) Yes, even though I am all grown up and think my parents did a pretty darn good job with me I still think she needed a manual for my son. My mom laughed so hard, she said she was going to save it. I mean what new mom doesn't teach the babysitter when to feed, how to give a bath, how to dress and to make sure they swaddle correctly? Seriously. Anyways, after George practically shoving me out the door so we could make our dinner reservations, I kissed Kingston goodbye and off we went. I opened the car door to find my birthday gift from George! I have this charm bracelet right? I hinted awhile back that I wanted a new charm for it from Tiffany's. So I emailed him the link to the charms that I liked and one of them were the alphabet charms. However, the online PHOTO of it is the letter A and then they have an arrow to click and the drop down pops up with all the letters of the alphabet so you can choose with letter you want, right? Simple enough. Oh no. George writes an email back and is so confused why I want a charm with the letter A. Proceeds to write out each name he could think of and how each one doesn't start with an A. Seriously, I have a list of like 20 names in an email. So I write back and I'm like...douche. It's the whole alphabet and it's all the letters...blah blah blah. He got it right? Wrong. I open up my gift and in all it's's the letter A!!!! George (right when I opened it up and so so so excited I might add) "I got you the Aaaaaaa!" Oh dear. You should have seen the look on my face. I wasn't even disappointed, I was laughing so hard! He was still confused. So I again, explained, there was a letter for each letter in the alphabet, it would make more sense to buy me a D. The next words out of his mouth..."You're not going to blog about this are you?" Of course I am! He's so sweet though and was so cute when I opened it up. I wish I caught it all on camera. The rest of the night we enjoyed out to dinner and then came right home. We battled each other for about 20 minutes playing Dr. Mario on Wii. That's right kids...Dr. Mario. You're jealous. It's ok. Then off to bed! Who knew that I would still wake up on Kingston's exact feeding times? It's true and could barely fall back asleep. The night was relaxing, but just not what I had hoped for. That's ok...I miss the little guy like crazy and can't wait to see him today!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Man I'm Tired

Whoever said parenting a baby was easy, was wrong. Oh one has ever said that. It must have been in a dream. Oh wait...I don't have dreams anymore cause I never sleep long enough to have one. This is a rough place to be. I truly have way more respect for single mom's and even those who are married with children...and work! The Lord has blessed us so much already. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband who works really hard. He has blessed us with a great home, in a great location. And even though we weren't expecting it...he has blessed with a beautiful baby boy and the opportunity for me to stay home with him and help him grow. I feel bad alot cause even though I still don't work, I still can't do it all on my own. I don't know where I would be without the support and help of my husband. I swear, by the time 6 pm rolls around, I watch that front door like a hawk waiting for him to walk through, only for me to hand off the goods (that's Kingston by the way) so I can rest. Even still, I now have him helping me with feedings at night and he still has to get up in the morning and work a full day. It's now starting to catch up with both of us, especially George. He's in bed right now, just exhausted and a migraine headache that hasn't gone away in a while...he says that he's had it since he married me, but who are we kidding? I'm like the most tolerable wife EVER! Who would have a headache? :) Anyways, so I'm taking all the night feedings tonight. Which, I don't mind. I need to help him out just as much as he helps me. AND! Tomorrow's my birthday. Yea...I'll be another year old in about an hour. And what I'm getting for my birthday...sleep! Much needed sleep! My mom is going to take Kingston for the night while George and I spend a night out to dinner and then seriously in bed. I'm afraid I'll never wake up! I'm so exhausted myself. Bouncing baby for 24 hours is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and yet the most frustrating thing all rolled into one. How do people do it? Do you ever think about the most frustrating things in your life and wonder what it would be like to not know God? Seriously...I rely so much on prayer these days, I'm just absolutely sure He is the only one getting me through these rough times that I just don't know what I would do if I didn't know Him. You know what's even more stressful sometimes besides the no sleep factor? Making sure that you're doing your absolute best as a parent to help and guide your child in knowing Christ. You can't make them know and love God and it would break my heart if Kingston never knew the relationship he was meant to have with Christ someday. I pray he will.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Playdate Time

Yesterday I took advantage of another beautiful day here in Seattle and went to visit my friend Jamie who just had her baby boy Samuel 2 weeks before me. We hung out at her house and took the boys for a walk. They are for sure the cutest things. I tried to capture the boys together, but I was struggling. They started out both asleep but then Kingston woke up after taking one photo and kept hitting Samuel in his head as he was flailing his arms. Flailing? Is that a word?
Awwww. Sweet Boys.

Best Buds.

I'm waking up mommy. No more pictures please.

Seriously mom. I said no more please.