Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Baby Update #3

I can't imagine having a blog if you didn't have children. Just what would you talk about? George and I had our check up yesterday and everything is progressing! Doc said I look great (supposedly I lost a pound and a half the past 2 weeks, but like how he nicely threw in, "...but we won't talk about the 7 lbs. you gained last time." haha.) At this point, don't son is almost here! Baby's head is down and in my pelvic bone and I'm 40% effaced. Need to know what that means? I suggest :) and I'm also sitting at a -2. Brief description: scale is roughly 3, 2, 1, 0, -1, -2, three being wow! I can see the head poking through and -2, you're definitely not in labor. However, doc did say the little guy just may show up a couple days early. Let's hope so! I would love to see a doctor's prediction turn out just right!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Update #2

Not much to report on my end, hence, no recent blog. I had a doctor's appointment this past Wednesday and everything is on track. I haven't been feeling very well the past couple weeks either. Alot alot of back, hip, knee and ankle pain and I have some bad cramping going on. I'm not sleeping well and sometimes is really difficult to even walk. I addressed these issues with the doctor and he says, "Oh it will go away real soon." So I perk up a bit and said, "Can I get an eta please?" He says, " After delivery." Lovely. This boy better come on time. Doc says I look good though and baby looks good. He "thinks" I'll have a good sized baby...not 6 lbs, but not 10 lbs either, he's guessing around 8lbs. We'll see is just a prediction. Baby's head is down too, gettin' in line for the big day I suppose, but on the other end, he likes to shove his feet up under my ribs and just hang out, ouch. I'm pretty sure he knows I don't like it, but still tries to do it. Everytime I feel it, I push him out and after awhile all of a sudden there it is's very gradual like he's trying to do it without me noticing. Yeah right. He's been moving too everyday so we haven't had anymore scare about an inactive baby. It seems as though he'll only move for George or I. Was that good english? I'm not sure...but anyways, he has yet to impress any of my friends or other family members, especially my mom. Sometimes he'll move and I'll announce it and then someone will try and look and feel and then he won't do it least, not until that person leaves and it's just me and him...definitely the quiet type.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Continuation of Last Blog

I almost forgot! Our luck...our tickets were right smack in the middle of the row, so either way we had to walk over 20 people on either side and I ended up smacking a guy in the head with my baby bump as I was trying to get to my seat. I tried to apologize, but don't think he was happy. Needless to say, I stayed put the whole concert.

I saw Taylor Swift and Rascall Flatts last night and all I got was this stupid picture:

And fun memories of course! George and I went to the Rascall Flatts concert at the Tacoma Dome with Tyler, Lindsay, Mike and Stephanie. I actually think that time we spent together leading up to the concert was way more amusing than the concert itself, but still had so much fun! The PLAN was to meet together at 5pm, drive to Tacoma, eat dinner, then be at the arena a little bit before 8pm so Tyler wouldn't miss Taylor we all wanted to see her too:) Anyways, not one person thought ahead of time to make reservations anywhere so we pretty spent over an hour just trying to find somewhere. Even on the way there, Subway was suggested and George so brilliantly replied, "Is there Subway in Tacoma?" Again, the man I married isn't full of the brightest questions in the book lately. Someone else in the group, I won't name names (Tyler) even went as far as trying to convince us to eat a hot dog and chicken bake at Costco. Um, no thanks. So by now...I'm starving, I can't even concentrate on anything else but food and finally convinced myself to let's just eat pizza. So we set out for the nearest dine in Pizza Hut. Who are we kidding? 3 Pizza Huts later, we found one and by now, it's seriously like 6:45pm. I have to pee like a racehorse so I never ran so fast into that restaurant, found the bathroom to relieve myself. Not even two seconds later, Stephanie comes rushing into the bathroom herself only to open up the door for the world to see me peeing. I really did "lock" the's Tacoma people, why would I have thought it worked in the first place? So after that laugh, we ordered, someone then walked in on Stephanie in the bathroom (she was luckily finished) and we sat down to eat. Surprisingly, random Pizza Hut in a random part of Tacoma never tasted to so good. This is where our random photo was taken too. Oops, but its now 7:45pm so we bum rush out of there and head to the Dome, where of course is hella traffic just to get off the freeway. 20 minutes later we have exited and set out to find parking. We clearly weren't going to find parking AT the arena seeing as though its already past 8 and there was a big sign that said, "LOTS FULL" so we all braced ourselves to pay the stupid 50 dollars for parking elsewhere. Yes folks, 50 dollars. HOWEVER, because our evening so far was more than we could handle, we turn right off the freeway and are waiting in a line of cars to find a lot to park in and all of a sudden this man walks out of a store and is parked right on the side of the road, right by us! Is this luck or what? He points to us, asking if we wanted his spot and we were like, Hell yeah we want your spot. So we all fly out of the car and George parks. No 50 dollars and 1 block from the arena. We did miss all of Taylor Swift but like one song, but want to hear the best part? The road we were parked on was blocked off by the police at the end of the concert so we were free to just flip a u-turn and get back on the freeway! Seriously, aren't you glad you read this blog? I'm sure you are very jealous of our V.I.P. status at the Tacoma Dome, however, I don't blame you if you would have rather passed on total starvation only to have it fulfilled by a not so fresh salad bar and Pizza Hut pizza. Oh...funny story (you're probably thinking, this was funny already, could there be more?) On the drive down, beside talk of Subway, I was mentioning that I was watching TV and I saw a commercial that was all in Spanish and Tyler asked if I recognized any words. Seeing as though I don't speak Spanish, I said no. Then he says, "Well it's really easy Danielle, they are just like English words, you just add an "O" to the end." Then George pipes in...wait for it....wait for it..., "Yeah, like burrit-o." No George.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


George and I had a fun filled day today...George was working hard at work as usual and I took time to meet my friend Lisa for lunch, ran some errands, then spent time with my friend Anne before George and I headed out for our weekly childbirth class at Overlake. All was well until our teacher asked us at the beginning of class, "Did anyone visit the doctor this week?" Oh yes...I raise my hand and proceed to tell her the drama of yesterday. So of course, she asks, "So have you felt the baby move today?" By which, I responded, "Uh no I haven't." So homegirl gets this worried look on her face and tells George and I that we need to go back to labor and delivery and tell them to re-check me. I'm thinking, oh yeah ok, but then realize she means right this second so I say, " right now?" And she says yes. So here we go again. Back in the labor room, we got hooked up to the monitors and as before, baby was a movin' and a rollin'. Basically doing everything but sitting still. I think he tries to swim away from the monitors but hasn't realized he doesn't get anywhere. So the nurse monitored me for about a half hour and then released me back to class. This time, she tells me I need to start proactively looking for the movements and push pretty hard on my tummy to see if I can get him to move at home and if I dont feel him by tomorrow evening, I have to go back again. I think George and I are going to start collecting our copies of the release forms from the hospital. So far...we are up to 3 of them. We are also going to try putting earphones on my tummy and have him listen to music. Some other lady in our class says she has her baby listen to Classical music every night and he moves. I'm not sure who would move to Classical music, but ok. I suggested to George perhaps a different genre in which he replied, "What other kinds of music are there?" Really? Oh George....

Baby Update

Last weekend I had my first baby shower! One down...two more to go. This one was at the Taste the Moment Tea Room, so cute! George and I also got lots of fun stuff for our son. I think his favorite was a Seahawks Onesie. Of course, my camera died, so a friend has pictures that will get posted soon so check back. Yesterday, George and I also had our bi-weekly check up with the doctor and there was a concern that there was lack of fetal movement. I wasn't too concerned because the nurse checked his heartbeat and it was very steady and strong as usual! Come to find out, doc says that doesn't matter, baby needs to move and if he doesn't, not a good sign. So I got signed up right away for a "stress test" over at the hospital. On our way over, husband was freaking out. I think I was the only calm one. I think we really need to work on a role reversal here cause I can't have him freaking out when I actually go into labor. For the love...I'll panic. Anyways, we marched right into labor and delivery and got hooked up to the monitors for about a couple hours. Baby started moving not soon after, I'm pretty sure he did not like the monitors. The minute the nurse put the gel on my tummy and had the monitors on me he was kicking them constantly trying to get them off! It was the most I have felt him move in over a week! It was kinda funny and also a relief that baby was still doing great. The nurse said we most likely just have a really mellow baby and after those hours I got the release from my doctor and we got to go! Cross your fingers he stays mellow after he's here! :) As we were leaving, the elevator opened up to a lady in labor, she practically bum rushed George and I as she was getting off and we were getting on. I wonder if that's how I'm going to be in a couple months....