Monday, February 23, 2009

If All Else Fails...Post Photos!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Serve With Grace.

OMG, these would make any girl want to be a better hostess! I have to have one! Anything that makes me look cuter while I'm working away...Sign me up!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Extra Photos Just Because!

Hanging out before Teta comes over!
Eeeek mommie!

I just LOVE getting my diaper changed!

Quick photo with mommie (who is deer in headlights might I add) before she leaves.

Yea! Teta is here!

And quick family photo before we leave (which we really need to take a vote on...I need a new family photo, but not sure if I like this I need to take a new one?)

Happy Valentine's Day!

The Mekhail's wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day (and for those of you who are single...welp...Happy Single Awareness Day!) We've always hated Valentine's Day. Re-tarded. Until this year...I decided I liked it all of a sudden. So George planned a day and night out for us that was a lot of fun! George's mom came over about noon to babysit Kingston, then George and I were off! The day was themed "shopping" (since well, I have a tiiiiiiny bit obsession with it). He gave me a "Valentine's Day Menu" with different things I could buy, then gave me "Kingston Bucks" to purchase them with.As it turns out, I had just enough Kingston Bucks to purchase everything on the menu...imagine that! The menu list was:

  • Transportation for the day...$100,000 KB
Yes fellow blog readers...I had to pay just to get out of the house. I was already at this point being frugle with my money and tried to barter. It didn't work. with my $100,000 KB. The next thing on the menu:
  • Lunch at perhaps the best place in Seattle...$200,000 KB

Yup , my husband took me to Dick's! We're on a budget you know...Following lunch was:
  • A Valentine's Day Poem...$700,000 KB
Luckily though, the poem was actually on sale for $500,000 KB...that didn't sway me though...I decided to skip out on the poem cause what I really wanted was:
  • A One Hundred Dollar Bill...$3,000,000 KB
Funny how I had to pay three million KB's for just a one hundred dollar bill...but worth it! And just so you're not thinking I was a jerk...I did later purchase the poem down the road at was sweet. So off we went shopping in downtown Seattle! Before I knew it, it was time for:
  • Tickets to the Valentine's Day show...$5,000,000 KB

George took me to a comedy show called "Laugh Lover's Ball" at the Moore theater that late afternoon. It was fun to do something different...we both didn't care for the comedians...BUT I didn't almost find Anne's husband, but soon found out he was Democrat...oh well...sorry Anne. AND...I don't know if any of you knew, but there was a HORRIBLE accident on I-5 south that afternoon that had every single lane blocked...traffic was a can imagine. We weren't in the traffic, but definitely saw it and it was not a pretty sight. Anywho...I send George to get me some M&M's so I can munch them down while I chuckle. He comes back (with no M&M's might I add...apparently the line was too long) and tells me this lady stops hims and basically asks him, "Hey...we're you sitting in the traffic earlier on the freeway?" To which George then LIED and said Yup, sure was! And this lady proceeds to go off and tell him that she was driving I-5 North and SAW him sitting in the traffic and felt really sorry for him! First off...really lady? You were probably going 60 miles an hour and you SAW my husband FOR SURE? She probably saw some guy who was Indian and then saw George and thought FOR SURE they were the same person. Crazies. Second...George? Please don't lie. Thanks. After the show we soon hurried for:

  • Dinner with your Valentine...$10,000,000 KB

We made are 6:30pm reservations at Maggiano's in Bellevue. We love Maggiano's. It could be the good food they always have or it could be that Samar works there and she and the rest of the staff at Magg are always so nice to us and treat us like V.I.P. It's true...we got to sit back in Private Dining where it was decorated so cute and they had cute individual two spots for couples and a Live Band. Then when we got back to the room the Guy showing us to our seat said we could pick any table we wanted! Then they all asked why Kingston wasn't with us...Uhhhhh, seriously? After dinner was:

  • Wildcard activity with your Valentine (Dessert, Movie, Backrub, Sleep, Etc...)...$1 Gazillion KB

I definitely chose dessert after dinner...and shortly after opted to go home. Man...a day like that...this mom wasn't prepared for how tired she would be. So we headed home and did get a nice back rub while we watched C.S.I on demand. :) Such a great day...thanks George! I love you! Oh and don't worry...Gratuity was included in all the day's events and Hugs and Kisses were free :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bath Time & Play Time.

Bath Time!
Play Time!

8 Months! no time I will need to be writing a 9 month blog. Time is still flying by and I'm really loving this age. Kingston has become so active and his little personality is starting to shine through. Not a whole lot has changed from 7 months though. I would say he's definitely looking more like a little boy than a baby boy. His bottom two teeth are just about in and his fangs are in too. He's now working on getting his two front teeth in. I know what you're thinking: Your kid is backwards...who gets their fangs in first? Don't worry, if it were any kid, it would be mine. I was just at the dentist a couple days ago for my teeth cleaning and they already handed me a midge lil toothbrush to start cleaning Kingston's teeth. Can you say oofta? Just one more thing to remember...I'll try to break down the last month for you:

  • His eating has gotten a little better, but still doesn't take a whole lot. The doctor keeps saying to add this and that at this time, but I just don't know how to do that when he barely wants what I was supposed to try 3 months ago. I'm not worried about it anymore. I know Kingston will eventually advance in the eating department.
  • Recently I noticed he is becoming more and more into me reading him books. I read to him everyday before his naps and for the past 7 months he never paid attention. He always wanted to be chewing on something, looking around and barely noticed the book. Now, he's becoming more into the books and will actually sit still and look at the book while I read. He recognizes various parts too and gets really excited when certain pages come around. Cute.
  • Kingston is definitely getting around town. He isn't into a full on crawl yet, but he worms his way around. I tried to take a short video for you to see...hopefully I can get it to post below! :)
  • Seeing as though he is getting around, he is also into EVERYTHING. He touches the fireplace, sticks his hand in Grace's water dish and tries to eat her food, bee lines it for my laptop and yanks on the cord and his most favorite by far is going to the gate at the stairs and wiggling it back and forth. So my days now consist of a little disciplining. Our phrase of the month has been a firm, "No touch." Kingston just laughs and giggles. Homeboy as no clue. One day day...
  • We have finally hit the age where going out to eat is a horror show. He won't sit in the high chairs, he throws a fit, and who wants to hold on to an 8 month old while you eat? No one. We try to bring things to distract him with but it doesn't work. The last time we went out, we calmed him down by giving him paper. Yup, I let my kid play with paper, which doesn't sound all that bad, but all he does his chew on it and ends up eating it. So then what do you do? Let him eat paper? If any of you mommie's have any GOOD suggestions, let me know what you got!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long Time No Talk.

My Dearest Blog Readers,

I would like to formally apologize for my lack of blogging. It's been what? Over a month? I'm a blogging failure. And really? I have no excuses...yeah I've been busy, but not anymore busy than I was before. Honestly, I have felt like I have nothing blogworthy to write about. Well, not true, I guess I could have blogged how Kingston turned 8 months like a week ago. Which I will do, cause I would hate to blog about every other month and than skip out on 8 months. What's worse? I didn't take one single photo of Kingston at 8 months. Not only was I not blogging, but I wasn't even snapping photos. So when I do get around to blogging about his 8th month, there will be no photo sorry. I will try kids. I really will.

The One & Only Contributer of The Mekhail Family blog,