Saturday, March 29, 2008

Roommate's 26th Birthday!

Ok, before I dive into the adventures of last night, I would like to take a minute to address those of you out there who constantly complain that I don't blog enough. Really people? And you know what, I don't even mind saying who...HUSBAND...MOM...Anne...and Roommate, have you? I can't remember. (What's new?) First off, I don't see any of you blogging. Second, blogging comes tenth nature to me, kinda like Arabic...I'm still trying to speak it. Sometimes, I just don't have anything to say and I did pretty much put up a disclaimer in my first entry that we will actually see how often I do this, seeing as though, I've never been the "journaling" type. So you all should just sit tight and I will post thoughts and pictures as I see fit :) Thank You.

Now, onto the drama of last night. So my bff of all time turned 26 this past week! So last night, George and I went out to dinner with Savannah and JB and Anne to Maggiano's to celebrate. It really was good times. Here are some of the highlights: Waiter collecting all the wine glasses but TWO (why? we don't know...) Waiter filling up everyone's water glass, but MINE, which was clearly 1/4 full might I add. Random waitress coming to our table with a glass of red wine that no one ordered (wrong table, ya think?) JB ordering the Baked Ziti, full size (I think the bowl was bigger than his head) Same random waitress coming to our table with two glasses of white wine that no one ordered (again, wrong table, can you check your order?) Random waiter coming by to refill waters, again, skipped me (Does no one think the pregnant lady drinks water or something?) JB making a joke and calling Anne by someone else's name and then Savannah correcting Jonathan on the name, telling him her name is Anne (insert 10 minutes of laughing here, partly of JB's joke and the other part of laughing at Vanna for not catching it) Roommate collecting the mints on the way out, as I shake my head and quietly whisper, "Ohhh, those aren't good" and Roommate then throwing them quickly back into the basket as if she would be reprimanded by Maggiano's for putting them back, all the while Anne is raving about how great these mints are. Last, but not least, George and Anne arguing in the elevator about who had the better parking spot in the garage and turns out they parked on the same floor, in the same spot just opposite from each other. HA! Good times at Maggiano's for sure. I have one word for all who participated in last night's festivites: LINGO!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

I'm 25 years old and I still managed to get an easter basket! My husband suprised me with it in the morning before church and in no way did I feel childish...I was thrilled! Another great Easter gift was having our first official church service in our new building. We go to Eastlake Community Church that used to be here in Kirkland at the Junior High, but we finally got our own building in Bothell. Apparently it's way bigger than the Junior High :) I only say that cause when I look at the auditorium inside it doesn't look any bigger, but George assures me its at least twice as big, if not bigger. I guess I should tell you that I am not good at eye balling things. My biggest fear is having something happening to me or I witness like a crime or something and then the police question me and make me "describe" the suspect to some artist. I'm telling you...if I was the only person who saw the guy (or girl I guess), they're screwed. The person could be 6'4" and weigh 190 and I would be like, "Uh....they were about 5'8" and weighed around 250." I'm not joking either, I really do worry about it every now and then. Good thing I don't get out much these days :) Speaking of hibernation in the home, it did give George and I a chance to complete the baby furniture! And I say "I" because I sat in the nursery room the entire time while george finished it all up by himself! Good job babe! My dad came over on Saturday and him and George finished up the painting (thanks dad). I will get pictures up...I promise...I just don't want to take any until its all finished. I dont like pictures of half finished projects. And that feeling could stem from back in the day when my dad would be working on a housing project at work and he would have a trillion million photos of the "job in progress" on his camera and then have my mom and I look at them..."Hey Danielle, you want to see dad's job site?" Eh...not really :) Try being out for a drive with them and he would want to drive by it! Oh only get completed projects from me! OH! I just remembered something that happened last night! George and I just got home from my parents house and we get in the house and he goes, "Hey! Do you want to look at the baby's room with me?" Uh....again...not really. I guess its true what they say, girls marry their dad!

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Raining in Seattle...

what's new? And for the first time, I actually can't wait for summer to get here. Not that I normally hate summer. I just somehow prefer the Fall and Winter. You know...long pants...cozy could be that even if I could FIT into my winter clothes, I would basically overheat in about 2 minutes anyway. These days I'm most comfortable in a tank top and yoga pants and just wish it would be weather friendly. I've pretty much hibernated this week in our home. Yup...still working on that laundry. I had a bit of an episode yesterday...I thought I would be motherly and do a load of baby laundry so as I waited for the load in the washer to finish, I setup a pile by the laundry room door to throw in right after. For those of you who have been or are pregnant now know that you have no sorts of short term memory so when Gracie decided to hide her doggy treat in the pile of laundry did I think to remove it before throwing the big pile in the washer? Noooooo...needless to say I open up the washer after it was finished and it REEKED of a dog treat. Do you think I notice what I did? Nope! I just load the stuff into the dryer wondering why all I can smell is Grace's treat and think I'm just weird. Until...long behold everything is in the dryer and there it is...stuck to the inside of the washer. Talk about sick dawg! Good thing is that everything came out a-ok and still smelled fresh and clean! Whew!
And you couldn't tell but I just took a break to check on George. Husband skipped work today to put together baby furniture! Lucky him! Or should that be lucky me? It actually really stresses me out. I have heard alot of "uh oh's", "ohhhhhhh be careful", "good save", and many other comments like such. George has recruited two of his many good guys friends to help him. Thank you Drew and Mike! I'll give a brief shout out to Tyler, but he was only here for like 10 minutes though for moral support I think :) Regardless...I'm still I got kicked out of the room and was told to stay downstairs. Fine by me...I just got off the phone with my dad, he's "in the area" and will be stopping by. I'll let you know how the furniture turns out in a couple days (I think that's how long this project will take).

Monday, March 10, 2008

Here It Goes...

So I've started this blog to keep family and friends updated on what is going on in our lives especially once our little one arrives. We'll see how often I actually complete a blog :) I have 2 1/2 months to go until our son arrives and have had a pretty good pregnancy so far. Although most family and friends may not say so for how often I complain about stuff, but hey, it's the first time for me going through this so it's all new to me. Maybe it won't be so bad the second time around? I've already made my career change into a Domestic Engineer. I still have a lot of learning to do too! Today primarily consisted of laundry. Actually, today only consisted of laundry. George should be glad cause he tends to get frustrated when he's all out of undershirts for work and then ends up wearing something weird like a black shirt underneath a white dress shirt. We all know I seriously cannot let him look all a mess, especially since he's the best at what he does! Hopefully, I will be able to continue keep you all updated on the rest of the pregnancy and the new beginnings for George and I and also get some pictures posted of the nursery (as it's coming along)!