Saturday, November 29, 2008

Goin' On A Tree Hunt

Yea Mommie! I'm so excited for my first tree hunt experience!

Standing by while the men decide if the tree is going to fit in our living room.

This is it! This is the one!
Family Photo at Kingston's 1st Christmas tree!

Grandpa sawing the trunk nice and smooth.

Quick photo op while Grandpa saws.

Job well done.

Finished product...looks waaaay better in person though...not as sparkly in the picture!

Snowflake Lane

Last night was the opening night of Snowflake Lane in downtown Bellevue. I think opening night is the best time for kids cause this is the night that Santa arrives! Christmas is my ALL TIME favorite holiday...I love the meaning...the purpose...the feeling...the holiday drinks...the holiday decorations...the smell of Christmas...everything! I'm even more excited now that I have a son to share it with! And every year downtown Bellevue does this whole enchanting performance every night on the sidewalks that entail holiday characters walking around, handing out candy to the little kids, there are marching toy soldiers that get up on platforms and perform several songs, there's a small light show and they drop snow towards the end. Quite the Christmas experience. So last night I decided it would be ok to keep Kingston up past his bedtime to take him out for opening night. He seem completely unamused, however, was so enthralled with the drummer boy we stood by the whole time. He was taking in the whole scene, one by one, and was so cute! I can't wait for next year when he will actually know everything a little better!

Kingston waiting for the excitement to start!

Kingston staring at the toy soldier playing his drum.

Classic Family Photo!

Another Baby On The Way!

No no, not me. I just couldn't think of a good title :) Sometimes...those are seriously the worse part about blogging...the titles. Anywho! One of my good and bestiest friends, Ashley, is having a baby!!!!! Thank the Lord for a close friend that is pregnant! Now we can swap stories like none other. A couple great things...the nurse already checked and they are 90% it's going to be a boy (YEA for boys!), she's due in June (YEA for our boys being close in birthdays!) and she lives in Colorado, but is moving back next September so before I know it, we'll be starting our mom's club like we always planned (the only thing we need now is Anne's husband, her baby, Roommate to move back with her husband, her baby, AND a huge plot of land to build our private, gated neighborhood on with a circular drive and a fountain in the middle :) Minor biggie). So congratulations Ash! I now vote for her to get a blog! Really should.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Team Mekhail wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great holiday! I decided to host Thanksgiving this year at our home. George's parents weren't able to make it to dinner so we just had my parent's over, my brother and his girlfriend Kayla over. Let me tell stressful! I had alot of fun though, but I was in the kitchen from morning to night, no joke and alot of mishaps. A few that will go down in history? I had no idea what to do with the turkey...I didn't want to touch smelled funny...and it freaked me out. My mom had to drive over in the morning to help me out. Then I ended up making a big jello salad that didn't jell...complete liquid. I followed the directions people. I swear. Ask my mom. Also...I burnt about an inch of skin off of my arm trying to pull something out of the oven. Yeah it hurt. All in all though...good times. It was fun to hang out with family, I got to get to know Kayla (which by the way, GREAT chat in the kitchen :)), George's parent's stopped by later in the evening to hang out for a bit and best of all...Home Alone is on! Right I type. Amazing. I'm definitely THANKFUL the day is over :)

My Brother & I with Kingston.

Grandpa Jacobsen with his Grandson :)

My brother Matt with his G.-F. Kayla

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Difference Between A Man & A Woman

George: What are we having for dessert on Thanksgiving?
Danielle: I'm making a Gingerbread Pumpkin Trifle.
George: Like, "...triflin', good for nothing type of brother...silly me, why haven't I found another?"
(insert laugh here)

No George...not "Bills, Bills Bills" by Destiny's Child. Please note babe:

*THIS* is NOT a Trifle

And *THIS* IS a Trifle. (clearly not gingerbread, but I'm sure you get my point)

Thank You:)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Best Boot Of The Year

UGG Australia Classic Cardy Tall
If anyone would like to prove otherwise, you can. Until then, this stands as the best boot for Fall 2008. Don't miss out on your opportunity to pick up a pair! I've had these boots for a long while already I feel like and they are the most comfortable UGG boots I have ever worn. They are complete knit, except the sole on the bottom and keep your feet super warm! You can also wear them like the picture shown or even unbutton a few of the buttons on the side and fold the top down. Super cute! My husband loves them on me and I've gotten a million trillion compliments around town from random girls and guys that love them as well. I urge you...go experience the love.

Friday, November 14, 2008

7x7 Prayer

Monday nights I do a bibly study with George and a close group of friends. Currently we are studying The Essentials of Effective Prayer, which has gotten me thinking ALOT about my prayer life and noticing it's a tad on the selfish end. Ok ok, maybe ALOT on the selfish side. Most importantly, I even find my prayers "for" Kingston more for me? Lord, please help Kingston sleep well tonight (so I can get some sleep) or Lord, please help Kingston eat well today (so that he's happier and I don't have to listen to him whine all day). I really do want those things for him, for him. It's so comforting to know my son is getting good sleep, eating healthy, learning new things, etc. I helps me know he's growing. But I want more for him. I want to pray for his character, for his faith, for his decisions, for his wife someday. I want Kingston to have an undivided heart and to be wise. I want him to be a Godly man someday who chases after the Lord. So this idea came to me from another mom just at the right time that I've been struggling with this. I want to be reminded during the day to pray for Kingston so I chose 7 events during the day that would remind me to do just that and have 7 prayers to correspond with those events.

1.)When He Wakes Up: "Let the morning bring Kingston word of your unfailing love, for he has put his trust in You. Show him the way he should go, for to you he lifts up his soul." (Adapted from Psalm 143:8)

2.) When He's Getting Dressed: "Therefore, as God's chosen child, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourself with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Lord, help him bear with others and forgive whatever grievances he has against others. Help him forgive as the Lord forgave him. And over all these virtues, help him put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity." (Adapted from Colossians 3:12-14)

3.) While He's Eating: "Teach Kingston the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well-fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. Teach him that he can do everything through Him who gives him strength." (Adapted from Philippians 4:12-13)

4.) When We Leave The House: "Kingston, do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will." (Adapted from Romans 12:2)

5.) While He Takes A Bath: Lord, give Kingston clean hands and a pure heart, and let him not lift his soul to an idol or swear by what is false. Let him receive blessing from the Lord and vindication from God his Savior. Let him be part of the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, O God of Jacob. (Adapted from Psalm 24:4-6)

6.) When He Is Going To Bed: "The Lord Your God is with you; he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, be will rejoice over you with singing." (Zephaniah 3:17)

7.) While He Is Sleeping: "I pray that Kingston will do everything without complaining or arguing, so that he may become blameless and pure, a child of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which he shines like a star in the universe as he holds out the word of life-in order that he may boast on the day of Christ that he did not run or labor for nothing." (Adapted from Philippians 2:14-16)

I hope that this can become a habit for me and urge other mom's too to give it a try. I think the most ultimate thing we can do as a parent for our kids is to pray for them daily!!!

No Contest Follow Up:

Now before you all start commenting and calling me Britney (a hem, roommate) I thought I would just share the little story behind the picture. First off...the car isn't really moving peeps. We're actually just sitting the parking lot of the Walmart. Yes, Walmart. In Everett. I hope current mommie's and daddie's can relate to this story and all you future mommie's and daddie's? Well...this is what you have to look forward to! So George and I were on the hunt for a high chair. You think you want the 300 dollar one, cause ooooo "It's so pretty!" and it cost 300 dollars so it must be the best, right? Nah. You want something simple, easy to clean, can possibly take with hence why we're at Walmart picking up the 20 dollar high chair. Which by the way? The great thing. you ever been to Walmart and just when you start to think this place really isn't all that bad, you then get to the check out lines? Yeah, that's when all the crazies become more apparent to you and the lines are so outrageous, even with their 40 check out lines. Of course, Kingston is super fussy cause he's starving and his diaper reeks like the dumpster behind Dick's. So George stays in line and I decide to take Kingston to the car for a quick change and a feeding. No problem right? Right. That's until his diaper is the worse you've ever seen it and you clearly didn't grab more wipes so you only have approximately 4 wipes to get the job done. Speaking of...aren't there just days when you see a poopy diaper and you're like, "Oooookay, THIS is the worse diaper I've ever seen!" Each poopy diaper seems to get worse...It's either that or my tolerance is just getting really low. OR it could just be the fact I was in the Walmart parking lot people with my kid laying down crooked in the front seat, his head shoved in the seatbelt holster, his legs flailing, a whole lot of nastiness covered everywhere, up his back, I'm trying to hold on to his feet with one hand and trying to use my free hang to grab a clean diaper and my 4 wipes...In the meantime, finding myself in an awkward position myself as I'm bent down inside the car, my back is hurting, my left arm is starting to ache from holding Kingston legs and half his body up so he doesn't keep falling back into the nastiness (I had to salvage my 4 wipes, I didn't have time to keep cleaning the same spot cause I couldn't do my part)...Oh Looky George is back! So he helps out by taking the dirty diaper out from underneath him. Great! But now, my left arm gives out, Kingston falls flat down, getting everything over the changing pad (p.s. good thing I had that changing pad down cause I think George would die if this got on his seats) Ugh. Disaster. Times you wish you didn't have a child, cause I wouldn't even be at Walmart to begin with. But that's a whole different blog. Side note: Kingston is laying beside me playing, he pulled his sock off, put it in his mouth and is now trying to balance it on his face. Literally. He sets it on his forehead then shakes around and it falls off and then he puts it back on his forehead and shakes. Oh Babies. They're so weird. And kinda smart. Anyways, my Walmart disaster did end. I got everything cleaned off in my minimal amount of wipes, the changing pad reeked but that got thrown in the back seat until we got home so I could really disinfect it. So we just sat for a moment, in the car, fed the kid and let him play around a bit. Funny how the big brown puppy dog eyes and the giggles can make you forget the hassles so quickly!

No Contest.

You guys. I'm sorry. This has to be the cutest picture I have ever seen! I don't know why, but I just LOVE it! My son is the adorablist of them all! No Contest. (And clearly adorablist isn't a word, but who cares!) :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Guess you turned 4 years old yesterday?!?!?! (and if you even think Kingston, I highly suggest you sign up for some math classes at your local community college THEN come back and reread this blog:)) If you thought only the cutest doggy in the WOOOORLD, you're right! Gracie! She is another year old and is just as cute as when she was born. We didn't do much for the day. We actually did what we do together most days...just hang out at home together. However, to commemorate her special day, I did throw in a few extra treats here and there. And she LOVES the fireplace to I turned it on for her so she could lay by it for awhile. Awwwww, how sweet. I know it.

This is my little girl only a couple months old.

And this is her now! Still midge and cute as a button!

And this is her enjoying her fire:) She even smiled for the camera...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5 Months Old.

How exciting that Kingston turns 5 months old on the day of the election...right? Right. He's having such a bad day today actually. Grumpy McGrumperson. I tried to get him to take some photos and all he did was cry. Oh well...It's his party and he can cry if he wants to. Ha. On a good note, I did get a couple small clips of him rolling over! From his tummy to his back...he has yet to show us that he can go from his back to his tummy, but he's really close! I'm not sure what his height and weight are...we'll have to wait for those stats at his 6 month appointment. He is so much more alert, giggly and playful. He picks up anything he can get his hands on and puts it in his mouth. He is in awe when he watches George and I eat our meals. I think he would eat our food if we allowed him to get his hands on it. He's pretty much mastered his rice cereal though, he'll be ready for green veggies in no time! Both George and I think that this lil guy is going to be one terror though. Kingston knows his name and knows when we're paying attention to him and when we're not and when we're not? Yeah...he let's us know:) He notices his books you can see from the photo above, he's becoming a lil scholar. :) Oh yeah! George and I also caught him the other morning holding his hand up and he was staring at it wide eyed as he opened up his hand and then closed it into a fist. It was the cutest thing. I'm not sure if I mentioned at all too that he grabs his feet A TON! I always tell him that he's such a good helper when I change his diaper cause he grabs his feet and holds his legs back :) Thanks Kingston!

Rolling Over Take 1

Rolling Over Take 2

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby Babbles

Kingston's 1st Halloween!

For everyone who knows us, the Mekhail's are NOT Halloween people. However, now that I have a son, I was kinda into it! I had so much fun being with Kingston and dressing him up! I had no idea and inkling as to what he was going to be so when I was randomly at the Babys R Us about a month ago, I saw this super cute monkey costume and just had to get it! P.S.....cutest. monkey. ever. He really was. If you can skip the rest of the reading and look at the pictures below...I wouldn't be mad. Promise. BUT. Just so you know...we had a great Halloween! We didn't do much during the day...George had to work some and Kingston and I just hung out with each other. In the late afternoon and evening time we went over to my friend Jen's house and hung out with her and all the other moms that are in a playgroup I have with their husbands and kids! There's a total of 6 of us and we all have boys too! Most of the boys range from age 1-2 so Kingston is definitely the youngest, but it was so great to hang out with families. We just spent time with each other, ordered pizza, ate candy of course :), drank drinks, and there was a latte stand in the cul-de-sac that Jen lives in making free lattes for everyone! One Raspberry Vanilla Latte...coming up! Yum! Unfortunately, none of the kids really wanted to wear their costumes. We tried super hard to get them all together for a group photo, but pretty much failed miserably. George caught a semi-good shot (minus Cohen...sorry Lindsay!) that I posted below as well! All in all...good Halloween.



From Left to Right: Zachary (monkey), Matthias (Lion), Carson (monkey), Eli (Giraffe) & Kingston (monkey)...Cohen is missing from the far right...he was Tigger :)