Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Feel Teeth!

It's true...about two seconds ago I just decided to take a gander into Kingston's mouth and put my finger against his gums...nothing on his bottom yet, but he has his 4 front teeth all poking through!!! I'm so excited!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

7 Months!

George and I are having such a fun time with this age. Kingston is already like a little man. Here's a few things about Kingston so far:

  • George took him to get his second half of his flu shot on Monday. Went great! He's always brave like his daddy.
  • Great night sleeper, mediocre napper.
  • When he does sleep, he sleeps with his bum in the air.
  • Poor eater: does ok with the bottle and rice cereal, but darn right refuses to eat baby food...all kinds...fruits or veggies. Which I find odd, cause at the beginning when we introduced them, he ate all of it. I consulted the doctor and he says it's normal. Awesome. I'm comforted to know that when my son refuses to eat it's normal.
  • Fungal Infection: Yup! Kingston has one. I noticed some odd shaped dry spots on his back a couple weeks ago. As of Monday, the doc thinks it's a fungal infection. Weird spot for a fungal infection? But I've picked up some cream at the pharmacy yesterday and we are hoping it clears up within the week! If not...we have to take him back to the doctor. Boo.
  • Stubborn as his mother...I'll just leave it at that :)
  • Loves bathtime! He's sitting up really well in the water and just loves to splash around...alot! I put some rubber toys in there and he likes to reach for them and then chew on them :)
  • Reaches out for you. If he's sitting up and you bend down to pick him up and put out your hands, Kingston will put his hands out as well for you to get him. I think it's so cute! (at least for now...I probably won't be thinking it's cute when he's walking and I DON'T want to hold him:))
  • His hair is growing! I love it! When I comb it to the side he looks like a baby Chuck Bass. That makes me smile.
  • Refuses to wear anything. The kid would go naked if he had a choice. I put socks on him...he takes them off right away and chews on them. I put a hat on him...he take it off right away...then he'll start going for his shirt and pants sometimes...
  • Getting a little attached. He still does fine when we drop him off at the babie's room at church, but every now and then he'll freak out when I'm by his side and then get up to go get something. Sooooooorta makes me happy to know that he wants me :) Cause he this day...gets the most excited when George is around.
  • Loves our Blackberry's and gets angry when he catch him with one and take it away (we've resorted to finding an old calculator and letting him play with that cause he thinks its the same thing...)
  • Waterbabies! We started Kingston in swim lessons and last night was his first session! George and I thought he would do great since he loves baths so much, but at the beginning he screamed and cried. He didn't like being in the water or being tossed up and down or from side to side. However, by the end of the 30 minute session? He was the annoying kid who laughed and splashed so much water :) There's 6 babies in the class and all of them were just chill...didn't cry...didn't really laugh...just waded in the water and here's my child...screamer mcscreamerson and then splasher mcsplasherson. I love him. :)