Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas At Grandma & Grandpa Jacobsen's!

Merry Christmas!
The Mekhail's wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy your holiday and hope it is filled with much of God's love and blessings! I would like to send a shout out to Auntie Roommate and Unckie JB for Kingston's Christmas pajamas...he was so cute this morning I couldn't stop taking you will see...I posted almost all 20 of them! I'm so glad Kingston's first Christmas was a white one. We watched it dump snow at my parent's house all day! I think they have close to 2 1/2 feet by now I swear...Kingston worked so hard getting his gifts open too. Grandma helped him alot and by the end he was so spent and crankdafied, he went straight down for a nap. Thanks so much to all of our family and friends for spoiling our son so much with your love :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas At Grandma & Grandpa Mekhail's!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Green Beans.

Kingston hates them. Just hates them. He isn't getting used to them like he has all the other veggies...he screws up his face, refuses to open his mouth sometimes, turns away, spits them out, etc. Like mother, like son.

Holmgren's Last Home Game

Yesterday, it was another "do nothing" day. Cory, Daniel and Anne had been at our house all weekend since they weren't able to drive home. Sunday morning I made everyone breakfast then the boys headed off to Church, while Anne and I stayed in and tended to sick lil' Kingston. Then in the afternoon, boys continued to be boys as they watched sports and played their tenth game of Monopoly...and I believe Cory won everytime? Right boys? And Anne and I attempted another walk in the Starbucks...that was we ended up at McDonalds for a large Hi-C Orange cause we were so hot from trekking through the snow with all of our gear we were so thirsty! And we almost caused an accident...we had to cross over the off ramp of the 405 and we were stopped to wait for a few cars to drive by and a suburu actually stopped in the middle of the off-ramp to let us walk? Anne and I stare at each other and absolutely don't move...we're not falling for that! And comes a Tahoe flying of the freeway and can't stop in time behind the suburu and swerves to the side of the road over the median (not our side thankfully). Anne and I just stand there as both drivers were staring at it was our fault? Geez.

Snoooooow, Snoooooow, Snoooooow!

Sooooo, how's everyone doing? Cold, yeah? I mean really...could we not with the snow? Actually...we could. I've secretly enjoyed it :) The only bummer is Kingston not walking so we couldn't really GO OUT and enjoy it. The first day, I thought we could though! So we bundled him up tight and thought it was just the great thing to go on a Starbucks (which was actually closed so we ended up at Cactus) 4pm at night. Poor kid, got chapped lips and a cold so bad we've been house ridden since. But I managed to capture a few cute photos of our snow bear...

Christmas Parties!

ECC Production/Worship Team Party
George volunteers at church on the Production team so they all had their own Christmas party with spouses...which was good for me :) I got to hang out and get to know alot of people from church that I knew, but didn't know that well :) We all hung out, ate lots of good food, played RockBand, had an Awards Ceremony for the "Best Of" for 2008 and played games. Super fun! Just Super...
Kelly & I with Bentley snuggled up in Kelly's shoulder...

George accepting his award for "2008 Best Producer"
Martini's & Bikini's Cocktail Party
George & I also attended another Christmas party that entailed good Martini's and lots of swimming in our bikini's. the snow. It was like 2 degrees outside, but like a trillion degrees in the pool. So much fun! There were even "those" (I won't name names) that would actually jump out of the pool and go make snow angels. Here are a FEW of the GOOD photos...there are many many others...

Michelle & I (pre-pool)

Lindsay & I (pre-pool)

I think we're ready for the pool now...

So steamy...

Caught kissing my husband in the pool...

"Here George, come help me sing!"...George said no...(