Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is the one and only picture that has been and probably will get captured this Halloween season. Yup...we're officially weenies. It just so happens the closing of our home falls on the 30th and moving day is the 31st. We're busy butterflies getting all the last minute details in place and Halloween has taken a back seat. Just so we're not total Debbe Downers {wah-wahhhhhh} we did spend a lovely morning at Remlinger Farms with lots of our friends several weeks ago and will attempt to make an appearance at a little party for the kids on Saturday and take K trick-or-treating. However, there has been no pum'kin pickin', carvin', decoratin', or costume findin' here. Everything will be last minute. Everything. {Boo.}

Monday, October 26, 2009

Think Pink!

It's official. Kingston will have a baby sister come Spring. We're really excited. Really...we are. We are a little shocked...but that's ok. George & I (mostly me maybe) always had the idea of having 3 little boys. George would raise them up to be Godly men and I would hold my throne as Queen Bee and rule the roost. But then I heard those fateful words: "Sorry Danielle...looks like you'll have to share your throne..." As usual, I didn't believe. I made her double check there was no scrotum and no penis. Then asked if it could still grow. Turns out, no. All there was, was labia. We have no idea what to do with a girl, but it will be so much fun and we'll learn! Here's to a new, different and very exciting 2010! {insert raised glass here}...{of water...maybe a diet coke...}

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I thought being a mommie was exciting, but being an Auntie is just as fun, if not more! I have officially took on the Auntie to role to two poopsies {Ashley with baby girl Payton} and sweet lil' Eleanora Grace Baltera! Futhermore, {am I writing a term paper?} I'll soon be an Auntie by blood in May 2010! My sister-in-law Engy is pregnant with her first and I CANNOT WAIT for K to have a cousin! Exciting things...babies. Anyways, back to the task at hand: I got to fly down to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago and spend some very quality time with my bff Savannah and her baby girl Nora. And when I say quality, I really do mean quality: Soapnet...Old school movies...Pretty much annoying the heck out of JB...what more could you ask for? :) Here are some photos of the week! Actually...that's a lie. I didn't take one photo all week, until the day I left and desperately needed to capture a few for keepsakes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Think This Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship.

As if being a stay-at-home mommie isn't enough...or joining the Junior League of Seattle...I had to go and start a's true. Please check out your favorite ladies at their finest as they introduce Prep to you!
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