Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Missing Someone.

I sadly lost one of my good friends yesterday to a tragic, sudden brain aneurysm. Rose & I were best friends in high school and after splitting ways after graduation we still managed to keep in touch very often and find ways to even see each other. She lived in Florida with her husband Justin and when she would fly back home to Oregon, I would make it a point to drive down to see her when I could. We swapped emails OFTEN and she would even send me things in the mail just out of the goodness of her sweet heart.

This was our last photo taken together in 2008, just 3 months after I had Kingston. We were supposed to see each other this summer. She was going to meet my baby girl. I was going to meet her hubby. We were going to catch up. We were going to laugh as usual and at the end we were going to say, "See you soon!"

It's a different feeling now: missing a friend who lives across the country and now missing a friend who lives with our God. I'm heart broken and a little jealous all at the same time...I think more heart broken. Why not me? Why her? I don't understand. I JUST talked to her. I'm sad. I'm sad for me...for Justin...for her parents...for her sister. A part of me is even sad for Rose thinking she's missing out on what could have been. Chances are though she's having the time of her life and I'm the one in fact, missing out.

Life is fragile. You just never know what's going to happen.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Think I Need A {Vent}ilator.

33 weeks and counting and today couldn't have been a worse day to start the week off. And right as I just wrote that, someone just rang the doorbell to my home that has a sweet little sign above it that says, "Please, do not ring doorbell, Thank You!". And I thought it was just FedEx that couldn't read.

And speaking of people who can't read: Walgreen's is NOT the pharmacy you can trust. They need a new slogan. I called in a prescription refill this morning to be picked up at 3pm. They call me at 2pm with their lame automated voice recorder telling me it's delayed. CRAP! I totally forgot to tell them we switched insurance. I proceed to call them back and tell them and ask if I can give them my info over the phone or if they need me to come in with my card. After pushing 1 for the pharmacy department and 0 to speak with a pharmacist, clueless Sr. Certified Pharmacy Tech. #1 gets on the line. I tell him the issue and ask my question. He tells me I need to hold on while he accesses my file first. THEN says, "Oh, it looks like the issue is your insurance denied your request for a refill." Why yes Mr. Pharmacy man that is what I just told you so thank you for repeating the obvious. THEN says, "We will need to see your new insurance." Why yes Mr. Pharmacy man I also stated that as well. THEN he says, "So all you need to do is just bring your card with you and then we can get the new information in." Yeah, ok, thanks.

Now I'm at Walgreens and clueless Sr. Certified Pharmacy Tech. #2 proceeds to "help" me. I tell her the issue and she asks to see my card. She hands it right back and says my card is only for medical and not prescriptions and to let her know when I have it figured out and walks away! Wtf. Figured out? So I call George. He tells me all the info is on the back of the card, which it is. I understand why I wouldn't know, but homegirl is supposed to be a Sr. Certified Pharmacy Tech. Can't she read insurance cards correctly? So now I wait for her to come back. She comes back. I tell her where the info is and she's like, oh. Yeah...oh. THEN {as she's holding and looking at the card} says, "So, are you the primary cardholder?" Um, no. That would be my husband. THEN she says, "Oh, what's his name?" Really Mrs. Pharmacy woman? It says RIGHT on the card, primary cardholder: George Mekhail and dependants: Danielle Mekhail.

This vaguely reminds me of when George is looking for something in the fridge and says it's not there. Oh it's there. You're just not looking hard enough. The 'ole open the fridge door, do a quick scan of the elements without attempting to look over or behind things is getting a little old.

Think people. Look a little. Perhaps, read a little.

Dear Walgreens,
Please higher your standards when hiring.
Cordially Yours,
One angry pregnant lady who almost skipped a 2nd dose of Prenatal Vitamins cause you couldn't get your shit together.

{can I swear on this blog? I think so. I mean, it's my blog and Kingston can't read yet so I'll unleash some unmotherly vocabulary on here just this once.}

Hormones, hormones, hormones! I'm constantly annoyed and so DONE. I literally bawled to my dr. for about a half hour at the end of today going on and on with my pregnancy woes. Yes. Woe is me. I won't divulge my fellow blog readers of all my mental...emotional...and physical issues, but I tried so desperately to convince the doc the baby was ok to come out at 33 weeks. I had as much luck as Martin Short. I have til' 37 weeks and I get a re-evaluation of my "current state" and may make a case for me on delivering early. Pray I make it through.