Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Showering Me With Love.

Beautiful flowers.

Personalized Picnic Lunch.

Adorable Table.

Sisters Having Baby Girls! {Engy is due middle of May!}

BFF and Her Sweet Daughter Nora. LOVE HER.

Thoughtful Hosts. Thanks Girls!
~And THANK YOU to all my friends and family for coming! I got spoiled with alot of great things and cute outfits for Miss Saxyn.~


Well blog readers...I'm still pregnant...George is still hard at work...Kingston is still a toddler. Team Mekhail is in that dreadful holding watching. I'm 38 weeks and as of this morning...still counting down. Not much progress has been made. My latest check up was this morning and I'm 1 cm. dilated, 50% effaced and about a -1 on the "Where's the baby's head?" scale. All the same stats as I was last Tuesday. Boo. These stats, along with good blood pressure, good fluids and baby movement, don't exactly help plead my case on getting this baby out so I had to think fast. The only things I could come up with are: horrid back pain, leg cramping, excruciating groin pain and abdominal pain. My back feels like it's breaking in half and every time George even tries to massage it, it feels bruised. My reflux is getting annoying and I feel like I'm just carrying around a 40 pound sack of potatoes. Doc didn't buy it. He proceeded to tell me he LEGALLY couldn't even do anything until 39 weeks and he himself wouldn't do anything until I'm 40, which brings us to March due date. Lovely. And please don't say, "Oh that's only 2 weeks away!" I won't even spend the energy to respond to that one. I will roll my eyes and assume you've never been pregnant. So March 30th. Here's the thing about March 30th...what if...just what if...I have my child on April 1st?!?! An April Fool's baby? I don't think so. So I politely, but firmly said I didn't want to deliver on the 1st, to which he replied he will be skipping town the morning of the 1st to go to Great Wolf Lodge anyways AND if you're just now joining us? My doctor being out of town while I deliver? Not an option. Plain and simple. And because my doctor is amazing, he said he wouldn't let me go late and I'm signed up to go in late March 29th to be induced if baby girl doesn't come on her own. THANK THE LORD. And by late? I mean, literally...11:30pm. Which is fine by me cause I also really want my child born on a even number so it gives me a full 24 hrs to get my sweet girl out on the 30th. You see where my priorities really are? :) Sounds like a good plan, right? I wonder how it's all really gonna luck, my water will break in an hour and I'll have a St. Patrick's Day baby. Ooft. All in God's timing I suppose. Sigh.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Disclaimer: You'll need to turn off my blog music to hear the slideshow music, otherwise you'll get Casting Crowns meets Joshua's not pretty.

Monday, March 8, 2010

{Sneak Peak}.