Friday, November 27, 2009

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Moving on from one holiday to the's my favorite time of year! It's also a Mekhail Family tradition to go to Snowflake Lane in downtown Bellevue the day after Thanksgiving. It's such a fun show and parade of Christmas characters and drummers for the kids to enjoy. AND since it's opening night, it's the only night Santa arrives on his sleigh! Kingston had the time of his life and thoroughly enjoyed his Snowflake Lane treat as he licked his Candy Cane lollipop so fervantly. Next on our list...Christmas tree!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanks-For-Giving! {4}

Team Mekhail would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that your day was full of love and thanks and got to spend it with your friends and family! Today I'm especially thankful for:

~My wonderful double oven {that made shuffling food around much easier this year!}~
~Whole Food's 20lb. Heidi Hen {and George's ability to stick his hands places he never thought he would!}~
~My mom's recipes for Orange Jello and Stuffing! {Yum! Almost don't think I could have a Thanksgiving without it!}~
~Warm peach pie with vanilla ice cream~
~A sometimes and not too often quiet home~

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanks-For-Giving {3}

Let's just get straight and to the point: What are you thankful for? For me?

~A nice, good pair of socks {they do amazing things for cold feet}~
~Family {G & I get to spend it with both sides this year together!}~
~Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte {de-caf? caf? doesn't matter}~
~My Monday Mommy Playgroup {these girls save me most weeks!}~
~Eastlake Church {a constant, consistent and amazing community of Jesus lovers}~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks-For-Giving {2}

And so it continues...our week of Thanks! What are you thankful for? My list is rapidly piling up:

~My daughter in my belly {causing raucus already}~
~A hot shower every day {notice I didn't say morning ;)}~
~Friends who can make me laugh {really hard}~
~Red apple slices {uh, yum!}~
~My new, big, beautiful home {courtesy of Select Homes & George, what what}~

Monday, November 23, 2009

Just A Little Insight...

into my mind:

{George leaves with my car to fill it up with gas. Upon returning, we swap seats so I could go run some errands.}
Danielle: {yelling out the window ready to kill somebody} Georrrrrrge! There's something wrong with the Tahoe! {Thinking to myself: he's had this thing for about 10 minutes, how could he break it!}
{George just stares at me from inside the garage like huh?}
Danielle: Georrrrrge! I can't move the steering wheel and it won't go in reverse!
{George walks over, motions for me to roll down the window, leans in and starts the car. Problem solved. I guess. Whatever.}

And tonight? I kept forgetting that I had a fork for dinner so ended up with 3 used forks on my dinner plate and didn't even realize it 'til the end. That's all.

Thanks-For-Giving Week {1}.

A week of Thanks. That's not too much to ask now is it? What are you thankful for? Here's a sneak peek at what I'm thankful for this year:

~George {but who isn't thankful for George, c'mon}~
~God's Grace {cause I need it everyday}~
~Wells Fargo and their love for my husband~
~Simply Orange juice~
~Barack Obama {cause he reminds me of how many people need Jesus}~
~Kingston's big brown eyes {and their ability to sometimes make me giggle when I'm upset}~

I hope everyone takes the time to remember even the littlest of things!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Being An Advocate.

What are your passions? If you ask me, I have no stinkin' clue. Blue has better clues than me. I know I can say I have advocated for a MAC computer rather than a PC to my husband. I guess I'm an advocate for Jesus. I've even played a little devil's advocate here and there, but somehow {as of last night} I have an inkling to be as passionate as Summer Roberts was for the otters in the O.C. Just maybe not really otters. I mean, I love otters and all. I just need to find my niche. Examine and educate myself. Then...Advocate. Look out legislators!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Honey Do.

Honey Do what? Honey Do who? honey do. LOVE this new website, these girls and this business! I will definitely be taking them up on their offers probably very soon once this baby arrives. It's like having your very own personal assistant without the financial stress of anyone full or even part time! Need a grocery run? Last minute sitter while you run to the doc with your other lil' one? Dry cleaning picked up? Important documents delivered? Someone to stand in line at Wal-mart on Black Friday? Ohhhhhh yea. These girls would love to help you out! Gift certificates available as well and would make a PERFECT {and personal ;)} gift for the holidays!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Calling The Santa Hotline

Just another lil' some'n some'n to help celebrate the Christmas season with your kiddos! I mean, what child doesn't want to get their own Ho Ho Ho personalized call from Santa and tell them how nice {or naughty} they've been. This website lets you send sample phone calls for free and even for a small price of $3.99 you can get your very own personalized one and setup an exact time and date to have him call. It's a steal actually cause even if you have more than one child you can make their day, even their year, by spending under $20. Done. Oh and P.S.? They have so much other fun stuff on the site including letters from Santa, Good List certificates, Santa Proof Evidence Kit and even other letters for other holidays like Easter! It's so fun to get all into it with your children. Start building memories...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halfway {House}

I made it 20 weeks. Into pregnancy that is. I'm halfway to the finish line {or the starting line as some may look at it} and I'm pretty sure I need to be admitted already. I'm feeling great overall, but just so so tired and I've lost my mind. I swear, I can't remember a darn thing or hold a thought for more than 2 seconds. I try to get things in a calendar asap, but still manage to get the days and/or times wrong. George tries to have a decent converstaion with me and more often than not he loses me at "Hey what do you think about....?" or " How are you?" Not that I'm not interested, I can't wrap my mind around what I even want to try to say. When I try to talk? It doesn't even make sense...I have to think twice of how to form a sentence. I'm emotional and have a patience level of about zero. One time {at band camp...} I found myself standing at the cash register of a Jamba juice and blanked so hard on what I was even doing I forgot I was even there and lost my child behind the counter not even noticing the guy was holding him. I'm surprised I even make it on my own throughout the day sometimes. Can't wait for another 20 weeks!