Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun In The Sun

The sun has finally arrived in Seattle. A part of me is so excited, but us Mekhail's don't have air conditioning so it gets pretty brutal and unbearable in the house. Kingston usually just sports a t-shirt or little short sleeve onesie these days. Last Saturday we actually ventured out for the entire day. It started out with just a walk through downtown Kirkland with Anne and the Baltera's. Well...before we even got to the walk, it took like all 6 of us to try and put the car seat adapter on the stroller. Seriously, all of us were trying to figure it out and took us like 15 minutes. Kingston didn't mind though...he just slept:) But as soon as we did, we got our walk on and that soon turned into lunch at the Slip, a feeding in the park, photos in the bushes, a trip to get Shnoo (Shnoo you say?...yes, Shnoo. It's frozen yogurt. Nastified frozen yogurt, but all of Greater Seattle swears by the stuff) and spent the rest of the day at the one and only Tukwila Family Fun Center. Yup, that's right. It's definitely not one of those places you would call up your friends and be like, "Hey, do you want to go to the Tukwila Family Fun Center on Saturday?" But, spur of the moment, it was just the great thing. Quote of the Day...George calling the Family Fun Center: "Yes, do you have bumper boats?" Enough said, we're there. Not only did we hit up the bumper boats, but also the go karts and arcade games. Roommate and I did the virtual roller coaster, which I do not recommend if you get sick easily. Anne caught it all on video that I will post later. Then, we gave away all of the tickets we won at the games to a little girl who had cancer. We made her day. And JB was pissed cause he really wanted the squirt gun. Best part though...Kingston slept the ENTIRE time we were out and still slept his normal sleeping hours that night (I worried at first that he wouldn't). He missed out, but we captured alot of photos to show him later! You'll have to view them in my album because I'm having issues uploading a few to the post :) Ok...nevermind, I can't do that either, Google is apparently having an Internal Error? Boo to Google. I wish their offices were finished being built down the street. Then I could just walk over there and tell them to fix it. Point is...I'll post the photos later :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Is This Girl For Real?

Ok, my time has come. George and I were at Babysrus picking up a few things. We were checking out, I was paying and George was standing next to me holding Kingston in his arms. All of a sudden, homegirl says, "Oh, so are you expecting another one?" Really? I was shocked, embarrassed and had my feelings hurt all rolled into one. "Uhhhh, no" are the only words I could utter out. You would think working at a baby store you would be trained not to ask unless you know FOR SURE there is a baby in that tummy. Sorry that I still look 6 months pregnant. She proceeded to ask how old Kingston was and when George said 3 weeks, she even kinda looked relieved as if her question wasn't as bad since he was just born. Not so much. She apologized several times before we exited the store. I wasn't having any of it. Thank you for ruining my day rude lady at Babysrus. I hope you read this. Even though I don't know you.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Newborn Photos

We took Kingston's newborn photos at exactly 2 weeks and we just got them back!! Woohoo! I think they turned out great! I posted a few for you here and the rest you can view in my albums!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ok Kids...Herrrre She Is!

Crazy lady at the concert...if you don't understand, you certainly didn't read my blog before. Shame on you :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tim McGraw Concert

I was coming to grips with the fact that I would not be able to see Tim McGraw in concert this year. His tour just so happened to fall right when I had Kingston so I thought there was no dad had to bail out on my mom for the Seattle show last night and George gladly stepped in as babysitter for Kingston, after all, he is the kids father, right? The concert was at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn. I've never even been to Auburn. What a place. I even spied a real live Indian Pow Wow. I told George and he said, "You mean the firework stand Danielle." And I, a pow wow. It said. "Pow Wow" this way. Anywho, we arrived at the amphitheater at like 4:00pm only to find that gates to go INTO the parking lot didn't open until 5:30pm. Boo. So we sat in a car line for about an hour or so and immediately met Ted. Oh, yes, Ted. I seriously thought he was running the joint, until I just realized he was just an overly friendly "fan". I'm hesitant to put fan cause it was his first concert and the guy was like in his 40's. Boy was Ted a talker and even offered us a Diet Coke while we waited in the car line. Oh Ted. 5:15pm rolls around...yes! They're letting us in 15 minutes early. We park, gather our tickets and passes and attended the pre-party show. Not much drama there until we actually leave to go to the real show. We find our seats and there is this older swear in her 60's...decked out in this old school cowboy outfit: White cowboy hat, white cowboy shirt with those hangy tassles things on it, jeans, red boots and the best part...bright pink eyeshadow with glitter and matching pink glitter lip gloss. She just so happened to be re-applying her lip gloss as we got to our seats and she had her makeup sprawled across my seat and as I looked at her like she was crazy she told me she needed to finish her lipgloss then she would move her things. Oooooook. Little did I know, she would re-apply this nastified pink glitter lipgloss every 10 minutes and that she literally was so tanked I didn't know whether to be annoyed or laugh. She moved her things, I sat down and she immediately was trying to talk to me about if I drink beer and if we can drink it in the arena. She reeked of a mixture of alcohol and cheap parfume. Then she got jealous that I was wearing a pre-show party tag around my neck. She was trying to say something to me and I couldn't hear her cause Halfway to Hazard was performing. I made the mistake of saying, "What?" and homegirl, grabbed my head and shoved it against hers and was slurring something like, "I paid 600 dollars for my ticket to sit here, where's my necklace?" In the meantime, I'm trying to grab my mom's attention and pull away from the lady as my face is plastered against hers. You think my mom notices? Nope, she's trying to get a pick from the guitarist. Finally, I pull away, more worried that her cheap parfume rubbed off me. The lady proceeds to tell me she's going to grab Tim's butt and give him a big kiss. I was like, uhhh, could you not? He won't ever come this way again if you do that and she says, oh yes he will, he'll come back for more. Really lady? Really? My mom and I check you later to the bathroom, I couldn't take it anymore and the show has barely started. We come back with caramel corn and a water. Bad idea. Drunk lady ends up leaving for a bit, thank the lord I got another break, but then comes back. Awwwww man. She gets to her chair and falls right on me as she's trying to sit down. I ignore her at this point. The last straw though...I pull my caramel corn out to eat it and as my hand is in the bag and I'm pulling it out, homegirl goes after my caramel corn and tries to eat it! Then did this freakishly weird laugh. It was like a slurring smokers laugh. I would have never thought you could slur while you laugh. I snatched the bag away and kinda hit her hand and the guard guy came over and had to mediate the situation. Homegirl apologized. So my mom decided to snap a photo of me with this lady and as she's taking the photo, drunk lady shoves her hand right on top of my breast. Oofta. Ladies and Gentleman, Tim McGraw hasn't even took the stage yet! But when he did...I never left the edge of the stage so I didn't see the lady ever again. Thank the Lord. She was something else in her cowboy getup. The concert was amazing by the way. I have the photos to prove it. My battery died towards the end though so I didn't capture the whole event. I did catch one horrible photo of a guy trying to fight Tim. Some guy caused raucus in the front and in the middle of a song Tim told him to knock it off. Homeboy wouldn't so Tim called security. Tim started chewing him out and homeboy continued to fight this other guy next to him so Tim grabbed a hold of him and started pulling him up on stage. And this guy was huge. I mean huge. Tim pulled him up though and homeboy seriously wanted to fight Tim and started to throw a punch and Tim basically was like, bring it, I'll take you down, but security hauled him off. Then Tim turned around and finished the song. Good Times down in Auburn. I have a few more photos in my album...

I really was this close. We held hands and I rubbed his boot. :)

The Fight!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm BoReD

Well, kinda. I have 10 ten minutes until my son's next feeding and he is currently sitting on daddy's lap while daddy counts his Canadian change. Don't ask. In the meantime, I was sitting in my office chair and put my feet up to rest on George's legs for a bit. When I brought them down George goes, "Are you wearing bandaids on your feet?" No babe...sorry...that's just how rough my heels are. Thanks for pointing out that I need a pedicure. And just now, he was reading what I wrote and says I'm exaggerating. APPARENTLY he said, "Are you wearing a bandaid?" Same difference. Geez George.

The Grocery Store

OMG, so yesterday I took my first trip to the grocery store with Kingston. Luckily, I had both Anne and Vanna with me. No joke, this baby thing is a piece of cake when you have "people". Yes, I said it. "People". Have your people call my people and we can for sure do lunch in no time! I won't even be late. What's funny about the 3 of us though is not one of us thought to set the car seat in the front of the shopping cart (my husband pointed that trick out to me today since I had to inconveniently go back to the grocery store today). Instead, we all thought it was just the greatest idea to shove him INSIDE the cart while we shopped :) Don't worry, I captured the moment of film. Side note: that same night, I spied a 5 year old girl carrying a car seat with like a 9 month old michelin man baby inside. Did she really have to show me up like that?

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Found My Solution

Wow...getting out of the house is so much easier when you have another person helping you! Today, Anne came over and we prepared for a stroll through downtown Kirkland, she took control of baby and we were out of the house in no time! I'm pretty sure I need to hire a nanny just to carry the car seat. Actually, I'm absolutely sure.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

First Day Out...Alone...

Just a quick blurb to say...oofta. George is back to work and I finally have permission to lift more than the weight of my baby. So I decided to take the babe out and visit some friends I haven't seen since he was born. Here's how it baby bag baby dressed...put baby in car seat...moved car seat to the kitchen so I could lock up Gracie...realized I can't carry the carseat with babe inside...stopped to catch my breath...fanned my face...locked up Gracie...grabbed baby bag...grabbed keys...grabbed baby...waddled to the garage that is only 5 feet away...put babe down...loaded car with baby stuff...realized there's not enough room in the garage for me to put babe in car...backed car out of the garage...panicked that someone was going to steal my baby while he was chillin' in the babe and waddled to the car door that is only 10 feet away...stopped to catch my breath...fanned my face...shoved the car seat into the car only making it halfway there...stopped to catch my breath...had a moment of regret for buying a Tahoe seeing as though it's making it ten times harder to get my kid in...regained my composure...clicked that dang seat in I went. Half hour people. That's how long that took and you can imagine what it was like when I got home. This time, I had stopped at Babysrus for some more blankets and I picked up my husband's dry cleaning on the way home (I'm already up for Mom Of The Year) so I had more gear to carry and unload. It was rough.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Birth Story

It's's a new blog. You haven't imagined it. I am actually skipping a nap just write a blog. I must be crazy. If by chance you are reading this and then all of a sudden it seems as though it ended really bluntly, it must be cause my son didn't get a full nap in and I had to quit what I started. Seriously, before baby, I had nothing to write about. After baby...I have stuff to say just no time to write it. Just in case you don't know, Kingston George Mekhail was FINALLY born June 4th, 2008 at 1:32am. He was 8lbs 4oz. and hella long. It was so weird, I didn't even actually go into labor. I had a regular doctor's appt. Tuesday June 3rd, George and I went in, as usual, told a sob story to the doc to get the baby out and he did my pelvic exam and asked if I was leaking fluid and I said absolutely not. Then he said, "Are you sure you haven't been leaking fluid?" and I said, "Yes." I mean, hello, I've been on baby watch for 10 months, I think I would notice. Anyways...then he he's about the leave the room..."Welp, you are now, I think I just broke your water, Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone." And leaves. Oh yeah...he left. I stare at George, like huh? What is going on? George kinda shrugs. Doc comes back in (thank the lord, I had no idea what was happening) and says alrighty, head on over to labor and delivery, do not pass go or collect your one hundred dollars, the baby will be here today. Don't worry, I'm still confused. Cause even though he broke a bag of water, I didn't even feel it and I still haven't had a contraction. So I'm want me to go to the hospital? But nothing is happening? But here I go...11:00am on the hospital. Doc then reiterates for me NOT to tell the nurses about the water. He says if they found out that he "accidentally" did something they would be mad. And I put accidentally in quotes, cause we secretly think he did it on purpose. I mean, I don't blame the guy for not wanting me to come back another week to complain that there's no baby :) So skip to the hospital...I'm just layin in bed, nothing happening, BORED out of my mind. I think I checked my facebook several times, watched Jon and Kate plus 8 on tv, tried to walk, but that got old. My nurse asked me some questions and the infamous question of the leaking fluid came up and I seriously had to pretend it didn't just happen so I talk around it a little bit and played it off like I didn't recall. I think they thought that was odd, but what was I supposed to do? By the afternoon, I was feeling some "mild cramping". I have an inside joke with my husband about this and my nurse. Apparently they were contractions, but I kept calling them mild cramps so every time the nurse came in, she's like, "How are your mild cramps?" It was pretty may have had to have been there :) Anyways, by 6:00pm I was put on pitocin, cause let's face it, baby wasn't progressing. I was still just mildly cramping :) And oh lordy...I pretty much wanted to die. I truly admire those who do this natural. I BARELY got to 4 cm and was bawling for the epidural and made sure my nurse was johnny on it. By 9:30/10:00pm ohhhhh, the relief. It worked instantly and boy did I feel drugged up. I think I may have pushed the button one too many times. I was throwing up and felt miserable. I didn't know what was worse, the pain of labor or the effects of the epidural. Anyways, I jumped right up to 10cm by midnight though and began to push my little nugget out:) Hardest thing I ever had to do in life. I almost passed out on several pushing occasions, but managed. By the time Kingston's head was out, he was already crying. I wonder what it was like to see just a crying head? Then my doctor told me reach down and pull my baby out. Ha! Yeah right. I'm flying high as a kite, ready to pass out and you want me to what? I tried...I couldn't reach. So he helped me out a little bit and I reached down and pulled him up. Wow. The little man was so slithery and crying and I was still so out of it. I just gave birth to my son. There was a trillion nurses in the room, but the only thing I remember seeing and hearing is Kingston. Everything and everyone else was drowned out for the next several hours. Family and friends came into the room a couple hours later to congratulate us and see him and I don't even remember. I can't describe the moment and the feeling you have when you carry your child for so long and deliver him. I can't say what it's like to have a c-section, but looking back I enjoyed every moment of pushing my son out. It's so surreal. I felt so accomplished, I wouldn't have it any other way. Kingston is so beautiful and a miracle from God. I'm so proud of myself and feel so blessed to have experienced every moment.