Saturday, August 23, 2008

Family Band In The Making

It's really starting to crack me up leaving Kingston with George and coming home to the two of them. First it was cleaning out the garage...this time...George had Kingston strapped up in the Baby Bjorn playing guitar hero! I had to take a photo!

Pool Drama

Today, George was a sweetheart and watched Kingston all day, while I took a day and layed by the pool with Anne. So relaxing! Anywho, shortly after we were there, this lady arrived with 4 an 8 year old, 6 year old, 4 year old and a baby. Clearly the baby can't swim, it's a baby...snuggled tight in it's stroller. However, the other 3 kids I had hope for. Now, I'm not too sure if I'm just really passionate about teaching kids how to swim, but I found it extremely odd that these kids didn't know how to all! The two oldest had to wear lifejackets and the 4 year old wasn't even allowed to go IN the pool! Seriously moms...teach your children how to swim, especially when they clearly love the water, jumping in, etc. I mean, George and I are not good swimmers and I'm already signing Kingston up for Waterbabies to get him going! The mom today didn't even care either...she sat in the shade at a table and was working the entire time and didn't pay attention to the kids until she was leaving and wanted the kids out of the pool. She was yelling at them the whole time to "Get out of the pool!" And when the 8 year old boy replied, "I'm trying..." as he's fervently doggy paddling in his lifejacket the mom's like trying to direct him out from the sidelines with things like..."Use your arms, use your arms!" and "Put your legs in front of you!"..."Why are you so afraid of the water?!?!" Then what really had Anne and I going was a little later on when the kids were back in the pool was the little girl having trouble and the boy yells at her: "Use your legs! It's a whole lot easier!"'s easier is putting your kids in swim lessons. I think you should be embarrassed if you have kids old enough to swim, they can't and then you yell at them that they aren't swimming fast enough out of the pool. Get a clue.

Worship Night

Last night our church had an all family worship night. I love those nights. When we all get together as a church, hang out, worship through music...we had a TON of baptisms (which one being my sister in law Samar!), a lot of baby dedications and this one night was particularly special because we prayed over a group from our church that are taking a step out on faith and moving to Wisconsin to start a church! Dave, Rindy, Tyler, Tony and all will be missed...ALOT! But know we will all see each other again soon and can't wait to see the work God has in store for each and every one of you! I wish I took more pictures than I did, but oh well. Oh yeah...another good thing about last night is my nurse that I had taking care of me in the hospital when I was in labor was there! Not sure if any of you knew, but I was a very lucky girl to know someone at the hospital that was a Christian AND went to the same church as when I went into labor, I just requested her :) It was good to see her last night and show off Kingston!

This was BEFORE worship night...I wanted George to capture a mommy and son photo before we left!



Friday, August 22, 2008


CHECK. He has to come back in 2 weeks for a follow up, but I have to say, I feel so much better living in this home. I finally walked barefoot this morning without a fear of stepping on a creepy crawler. Awwwww.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Hampton's Birthday Party

One of my best friends, Anne, turned 27 yesterday. She had a Hampton's Pool Party, which turned out to be a lot of fun despite the cloudy and rainy weather. We weren't able to go in the pool or hot tub due to the weather, but we were able to hang out in the cabana by the pool and bbq, enjoy each other's company, eat cupcakes and start a kareoke/dance party! I'm pretty sure there is a picture of Anne and I dancing and singing into a golf club to either Spice Girls Wannabe or N'SYNC Tearin' Up My Heart...both, equally amazing! :) We all had to dress up like the Hampton's and I even had Kingston in full gear!

The birthday girl!

Kingston, before we left...popped collar...argyle socks...the whole shebang.

Family photo right when we got to the party. You can't tell, but George had his white linen pants rolled up to mid-calf with navy blue boat cute.

Anne with Kingston by the pool.

My son & I.

George showing off his shirt...pretty much the great thing, I found this shirt at H&M for like 9 dollars.
Matt made this face in almost every photo taken of him. I clearly don't know what's going on.

This is it. Anne & I showing off our skills.

We're weird.

And random shots of the happy couple below...:)

I clearly said something stupid, cause George tends to put his hand over my face if I make a silly comment.

You'll always catch me kissing my husband at things...sorry...I like him.

I'm not too sure about this one.

Or this one...

Good times had by all.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Lately, Kingston has been just a piece of work. We think a huge part of it has been the hot weather. We have him stripped down to his diaper and he's still just hot and sweaty. We felt so bad. Today, thankfully, is a whole lot cooler! Even raining! But we have found that Kingston just likes to be grown up. He is always trying to stand up and be a big boy. The boy can't even sit up. And he absolutley loves George to hold him sitting up against his chest with his two hands holding his legs. We call it the "Buddha Hold". Then he loves for us to walk him around and show him stuff. George always asks him, "Do you want to go see the world?" Even though Kingston is still so little, I'm pretty sure he knows what it means to be a big boy and wants so bad to be like his papa. He wants to walk like him, talk like him, sit like him, eat with him and everything else with him. Look out George!

Dream George

One thing I have always found fascinating...dreams...especially mine. Anyone who knows me really well can attest that my dreams are out of this world. I always remember them really well and they are always so vivid and so detailed that I can draw out maps of them and then go on to tell an hour story of what happened. George is always so amazed. I wish that they really did mean something. That there really is someone out there that can tell me what they all mean. Specifically, what does it mean when I dream about my husband and he's always the complete opposite of who he really is? Seriously, from the moment George and I started long as I have known him...everytime I dream and George is in it...he is a complete jerk. George and I have a long going joke now, whenever I wake up and I was like I had a dream about you again, he'll say: "Awwww man, dream George is back?!" He no longers smiles with glee like I had this amazing dream about him...oh no. Not once. George is a GREAT guy. A GREAT husband and GREAT father. So why is it he's never any of those GREAT things in my dreams? Here is a recap of many things he has been or has done in my dreams...yells at me, like really yells at me...cheats on me...makes rude comments...smokes cigarettes...does crack...when I confront him about it (in my dream of course) he's like, "Uh, I don't care" and keeps doing what he wants to do...he ignores me alot...doesn't listen to me...hurts my feelings and is always running off with girls...What's another weird thing is I don't think we are ever married...we are always just together, kinda in a dating relationship. A pretty bad one at that. I'm not a believer that dreams are a sign of something, but I just find it extremely odd that everytime I dream about my husband, he's a horrible person! Do I need to bust out a dreamcatcher or something? Oh dream George. Please don't ever come back. Thanks.

The Ants Go Marching One by One...Horray...Horray...

Whoever made up that song was seriously out of their mind. Instead of Horray, it should really be Horrific. I'm sorry, I'm freakishly scared of ants. Can't stand them. Anything creepy and crawly I'm like, peace-out. home-slice. I've had a few questions now and then on how those ants are doing. George and I haven't seen much of them lately by the couch, but that hasn't stopped us from pursuing getting our house sprayed...It's just has taken time cause we live in a townhome, in between neighbors, so we have to coordinate with each one and their schedules cause they have a problem too. No more coordinating though cause look at this...

I mean, are we joking? I'm currently still in my pajamas, but wearing shoes. I feel so invaded by something so small. George laughs at me cause I refuse to even pick one up with a freaks me out...sorry. Hey least I can get into a swimming pool without being freaked out by the water! (Anne had to teach him the other day how to jump into the pool sufficiently cause he was so scared! Heart palpitations and everything!) But then he can easily come back with...well at least once I'm in the water I can put my head in (It's true, I have a fear of putting my head, face down in water...this is why I won't, can't and refuse to snorkel)...I'm not sure how George and I found each other, but we're pretty much 2 peas in a pod in our own little way. Back to the George has FOR SURE set up an appointment for Wednesday. TWO DAYS! I can't wait that long...I'm even more freaked out cause this is what they told us on the phone...these ants are REALLY hard to kill...they travel in packs and migrate around, now that they are in the kitchen, they are most likely, not even in our living room anymore...if you try to kill them with normal pesticides store bought or by an exterminator, they will actually MULTIPLY cause their nest turns on high defense mode...they said we can easily leave the ants and they could be gone by morning and be somewhere else in the house...all these things are just unacceptable. Some good news though...the stuff that these people are using is odorless and safe for pets and babies so we don't even need to be out of the house for a long period of time! Just out enough for them to spray and leave! I'm sure I'll have something to say about all this in a couple days...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank Therapy

I mainly started this blog to stay connected to family and friends and keep them all updated on our growing family. And every now and then you can catch a blog with me venting away on something or complaining. I guess you can say this is one of those blogs, but not really in a complaining way. Alot of things I have to say are based off of many things I have heard in church the past month and have really stuck with me. And I encourage you all who read this to really look at your own life and re-evaluate it, cause just when you think you are pretty darn special, you're really not. I just find myself complaining about really stupid stuff. REALLY stupid stuff. I find myself getting really annoyed with someone or something over something minimal. I sometimes let my days be ruined over small things. Amongst all this negative attitude, I can't recall a time I stopped to think about what I do have and all what the Lord has given me and where he's taking me. I mean, George and I both drive really nice, brand new cars and guess what? We complain about them OFTEN. Everytime we drive my car, we complain about the things it doesn't have and our other car does. Then when we drive George's car, we are so quick to complain about the things that it doesn't have that the my car has. It's always, "If only we had this, it would be so much better!" "Why can't MY car have a back up camera?" Why can't MY car have cooler navigation?" Why can't MY side mirrors fold in everytime I turn the car off?" "Why does it ALWAYS have to rain when I wash MY car?" Yoohoo, I'm lucky just to have a car and the fact that I have a really nice one, I should not be complaining this much and about stupid things. Maybe if my car didn't have brakes or something I should complain, but I have brakes and thensome! And folks, this is just one minor example of all the complaints I tend to spit out. There's also, my hair isn't blonde hair isn't brown enough...why can't my stomach be flatter...why can't I go on a cruise through Greece AND go to the Bahamas all in one year...why did our church have to move buildings 10 minutes down the freeway instead of around the corner, now we have to drive further!...I don't want the $20 vest from Costco, I want the $150 vest from Nordstrom...I don't want to buy my baby furniture from Walmart, I want to buy it at Pottery's not fair you don't have any student loans and I have $90,000.00 worth...and the big one: George works very hard so I don't have to work and can stay home with Kingston and yeah I have errands to do, things to do around the house, but I also get to do alot of fun things, like lay by the pool when it's nice and here's me: "Geeeeoooorge, why can't you stay home with me everyday too? Why can't you come hang out at the pool?" I get mad when he has to go to a meeting or is doing something for lunch already. And people, this is all during work's not like he plans these things at night or on weekends. How embarrassing is that? It's not enough that we've been blessed as a family with nice cars, a home, food on the table, a beautiful baby, an awesome church, great friends, the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and the list goes down the road of all our blessings and I have the nerve to complain why my husband can't come out and play with us all day and everyday. Hellllooo? He has to work for us to be able to keep these things and for me to do all that I do. I guess I just want things handed to me for free. I want life to be easy. I want to live where I want to live, wear what I want to wear, drive what I want to drive, have all the things I want to I don't want to wait. I don't want to patient and from looking back on my life just the past year, I certainly didn't want to be thankful for what I do have. Do any of these complaints sound familier, just tweeked a little bit to fit into your life? To take the time and think about my most often complaints is hard, annoying and humbling all at the same time. I feel so selfish and ungrateful. And I have to apologize to a good friend of mine, Anne. The other day we were talking about student loans and I had the odacity to point a finger at her and in not so many words say she was ungrateful for the fact that she got her college paid for, no debt and I have so much debt. I didn't use those words at all, but in my mind I was thinking it. Who am I to say things like that or even think that about other people! Especially when I've been living the way I'm living? I don't know other peoples heart. I am so sorry Anne. I was just jealous. And this is what I've come to realize...I'm not as special as I thought I was. There's alot of work I need to do in my my heart. I feel like I need to not complain as much about stupid things and get jealous about what other people have and I don't have and step back...step back to look at what I do have. Step back to look deep into my heart. Step back to see who I'm becoming. Step back to see what life I want to live. I have decided that it starts with being thankful. I can't nip my bad attitude in the bud without looking at the positive. I have also decided that there are alot of things in my life that I need to readjust to live a more healthier life...exercising...eating better...watching what I listen to...watching what I watch...this is kinda off the beaten path, but did anyone else notice that a whole lot more people started eating more healthier AFTER "Go Green!" became trendy? Did our society need another stupid trend just so we ate better? I mean, go into your local department store and you see t-shirts that says, "I'm made with organic cotton" and there's practically a bouncer at the local Whole Foods market letting one person in as a person leaves. It's incredible. Even more so...people have become so consumed with what type of food they put into their mouth, but don't think twice about what they put into their mind and heart! We'll eat a $20 pound of meat from Whole Foods cause it has less whatever in it, but then we'll listen to music, watch a movie or read a magazine that warps your mind. Why can't a healthier heart be trendy? This has become a HUGE eye opener for George and I...we aren't very gung ho about organic foods...not cause we don't like it, it's just that it's baby steps for us, but we're trying each day to eat healthier and we also made a decision to do the same with everything else in our life. We even got the guts to turn off a movie the other week 15 minutes into it cause we didn't feel right watching it. Even after we paid 6 dollars for it on demand! But I tell you...I'd rather waste my money then waste my life. And I'm not saying I'm never going to buy another expensive thing or I'm not going to watch another movie or listen to another song that isn't Christian, I just need to make it a point in my life to be more thankful and more cautious. I truly believe if I can be more thankful, I will start to make better decisions for my life. I end with this...Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner. I thank you so much for the life you have given me, the blessings you have bestowed upon my family and where you are leading us. I thank you for George and the wonderful husband he is and the Man of God he is becoming each day. And I thank you for beautiful Kingston and the sweet baby that he is. I pray he will choose to love you someday as much as I love you and grow up to be the Man of God you have planned for him. Thank you for me and the work you're doing in my heart. A-men.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Picture Perfect Weekend

Friday night, George's parents came over to babysit Kingston, while George and I attended a Black Martini Party. It was a benefit party to raise money for children in Uganda.
Anne & I with our "Little Black Dress" Martini's.
The Boys!
The Girls!

I. Love. Him.

Then Saturday, I left for the day to go get my hair done in Seattle while George watched Kingston! I say day cause seriously, it was all day, part of it not by choice. Just so happens the State of Washington decided to close down a big chunk of the freeway so there was hella traffic everywhere. I had to leave an hour earlier and it took an hour and a half to get home!

When I returned, Kingston was helping George clean up the garage.

He really enjoyed it!

On Sunday, we did our usual...went to church then out to lunch. George and I declared this family day and made a pact to not make any plans. So after lunch we went grocery shopping and spent the rest of the day and evening watching Planet Earth. Clearly, Kingston wasn't so much into it...Gracie was though...I think it was the animals that intrigued her...

Awwww, here they are again...they cuddled so cute together on the couch!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wait? Is This Kraft? And A Lemon In My Water?

So Anne and I were in desperate need to find dresses for a party we're going to Friday night. So we make a hop, skip and a jump to downtown Seattle to raid the stores last night. We've pretty much got point 2 hours to get the job done and we still had to eat and make it home before Kingston needed to feed. So we made the obvious choice...go to the Nordstrom Cafe...we can get in and out pretty fast at this time of night. So Anne orders soup...good choice. Me on the other hand wasn't STARVING and not a fan of tomato soup (UNLESS it's tomato cheddar soup from Pasta & Co.....AMAZING!) so I decide to order the kid's Macaroni and Cheese. I mean, you would's Nordstrom...this can be some good mac and cheese. Oh no...up comes our food and there it is in all it's glory...Kraft had it's name written all over it. It looked like Kraft...tasted like Kraft...clearly was made earlier and heated up like leftover Kraft. I mean, I gotta say...I'm a fan of Kraft...but when I'm at home, not when I'm at Nordstrom people and I paid $4.50 for it. If I choose to eat out, I don't want to choose Kraft, I want to choose that freshly baked macaroni noodles with creamy cheese and breadcrumbs. I could have saved the four dollars and fifty cents and ate before I went out and it probably would have been alot warmer too. And to top it off, they gave me my glass of water with a lemon in it. I HATE lemons in my water. And I try to be really good about wherever I go to say "No lemon please." I feel so strongly about that and I think it really ruins my water. I won't even take it out. I will actually ask for a new water. And it's not like I hate lemons...I like lemonade...just not lemon in my water. But you do know what I love? Cucumbers in my water...try it. I'm not kidding you. It's so refreshing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mama Mekhail's Top 5's!

Here you go Chelsea! :)

Things under $5 that I couldn’t live without:
-Starbucks Coffee Frappacino (sometimes, this is what gets me through my day!)
-A toothbrush (gotta keeps those teeth clean)
-A razor (gotta keeps those legs and armpits smooth)
-Deodorent (gotta keep smelling fresh)
-Movies On Demand (ok so they recently went from 4.99 to like 5.99, but it's the perfect in home date with my husband)

Favorite Movies:
-Dirty Dancing
-Love & Basketball
-Benny & Joon
-Treasure Hunting movies
-The Saw series (no joke...I really like them.)

Baby Names I Love (not counting Kingston of course!):
-Camden for a boy or girl...

Songs I could listen to over and over again (until I get sick of them):
-Deeper (Hillsong United)
-Flying High (Jem)
-Suspended (Matt Nathanson)
-I Need You (Tim McGraw & Faith Hill- This was our first dance as husband and wife :))
-Word Of God Speak (Mercy Me)

Books I love (This was a stretch cause I rarely read!!):
-The Bible
-Bergdorff Blondes by Plum Sykes
- I Promise by Dr. Gary Smalley
-Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
-I heard The Screwtape Letters was a good book?

People who have influenced me in a positive way (plus explanations!):
-George...we've come a long way as a couple and I think most of it had to do with George and who he is as a person. He has helped see that I can be a better person...a better friend...a better wife...a better mom...and a better woman of God and is always there to encourage me and help me.
-Elizabeth Hasselbeck...yup, I said it. You heard it. I just think she is the greatest. I clearly don't know her personally, but I love how cute she is, how family oriented she is, how she has a strong faith in Christ and can be on The View everyday and voice her faith and make an impact in the media. She in a way gives me courage to do the same just in my community.
-Anne...I don't think she knows this, but I just think she has been a great friend since we have met. She is so so so funny, so loving, respectful and loves the Lord alot. Just by being around her, makes me want to be a better friend.
-Savannah...another great friend in my life. We've been friends for so long it's not even funny. I love how she is so laid back, caring, will always tell you the truth and make light of bad situations. I think she has taught me in many ways to not sweat the small stuff and when I still freak out over stupid things, she'll talk sense into me:) She is so funny too, I don't even know who I would be if I didn't have her around to laugh with about things!
-Probably my parents...I mean, they're the reason I'm here right? They brought me into this world so that's huge and did a great job raising me in a Christian home. They were always always supportive and never threw me to the wolves to just do things myself :) I guess they let me stand on my own two feet my whole life, but not really. Does that make sense?

Things that are always in my purse (You mean baby bag right?):
-My blackberry, for sure!
-My wallet
-My keys
-Chapstick or Lipgloss

Moments that changed my life forever:
-When I became a life truly isn't the same having the Lord with me...for the better!
-Going to college at SPU...I met two of my greatest friends there Anne and Ashley and it gave me a huge opportunity to become closer to my best friend Savannah.
-After I moved home after college, my dad got a job transfer back up to Seattle so we moved as a family and met George at the job I got when I moved back.
-The day I married George (June 15, 2007)...greatest. husband. ever.
-The day Kingston was born (June 4, 2008)...handsomest. baby. ever.

Obsessions I currently have:
-Buying clothes (I no longer fit in pre-pregnancy clothes and no longer fit in maternity do the math)
-Playing the original Zelda for Nintendo
-Kingston George
-Checking my Facebook and Blog
-Jon & Kate Plus 8

Places I would like to go:
-Whistler, Canada
-The Bahamas
-New York, New York
-Santorini, Greece

Appliances or kitchen tools I couldn’t live without (figuratively speaking):
-My KitchenAid
-My collanders
-The refridgerator
-The microwave
-The oven and stove (you like how I tried to throw a 6th in there haha!)

People whose top 5’s I would like to see (If they haven't already):
-Savannah Baltera
-Jen St. Hilaire
-Katie Kavulla
-Allie Shilling
-Anyone else who has a blog and I don't know about it:)

I'm 2 Months Old!

Kingston is 2 months old today! Yea for him! He's becoming such a little man. I won't bore you with his stats...I already did that in a previous blog about his 2 month check up, but I did want to share all the new things that he began to do during this time. Everytime he does something new I get so excited! I even saw him drool one day and I almost cried. Many think I'm weird, but I can't help it. It just shows he's growing up and learning so much! He is such a sweet sweet boy. I think he's already so much like his papa. He is so much more content. Can hang out, chill for longer periods of time by himself without me having to entertain him or hold him or shush him or whatever else he needs. He's eating more and more! He still gets fussy while eats though, that hasn't gone away. He starts sucking for a bit then all of a sudden he starts flailing himself and become mover mcmoverson. He smiles alot, especially on the changing table! He LOVES the changing table and when we change his diaper! Just the other day, he was soooo fussy. He was crying and crying, didn't want to be put down, didn't like how we were holding him and then George just walked over and put him on the changing table and boom! All smiles! We didn't even change his diaper! He does really good when other people hold him. We put him in our church nursery room right away at 10 days old and he does great in there! We think he's developing some attitude (he must get that from mommy). Grandma J stopped by the other after work cause I made homemade Spaghetti sauce and it just didn't taste right and I had NO clue what to of course, I did what any other new cook would her mom and made her come over and taste it and fix it for me! Ha! she held him a bit and the whole time he would refuse to look her in the eye and would kinda snub her. It was kinda funny. Apparently he was having a bad day. He is still cooing alot, more and more. Even at times when we are in the car and we'll hear him "talking" and George and I will start laughing and wonder what he's looking at...the trees outside? The sky? The backseat? Who knows...He knows who mommy and daddy are. Sometimes I think he already knows how to get my attention. Sometimes he'll fuss and I'll think something is wrong and go over to him and he just stops and stares at me. He just wanted to see me! :) Might be cute now, but I better watch out so the little nugget doesn't get EVERYTHING he wants :) He can track me with his eyes. If I'm in front of him and start walking around to do stuff, he'll follow me and watch me do my thing. This morning, I exercized and he sat up on his boppy and watched the whole time.

He started to blow bubbles with his spit! And occassionally drools! I love it!
He's chewing on things more! And sucking on his fingers!

This is his new favorite toy! We put him down in his baby gym and at first he had no idea what to do with himself. He didn't see anything or notice things. Now, he loves to stare at the octopus! He smiles back at him and coos at him! He's actually doing right now, it's so cute. I can even get him to settle down at times if he's fussy with this thing! He moves his arms and legs around and stretches them out. And speaking of noticing things around, he has noticed the tv. Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing right now, but we do watch Jeopardy together.

He can sit in his Bumbo! He can hold his head up alot longer than before and is so cute when he sits in this thing I want to eat him up!

I'm sure he's learned so much more. There's just too much to keep up with! I can't believe it's been 2 months. I can't wait for more!

Out And About

Us Mekhail's had such an eventful weekend! We spent alot of time together outside in the semi-nice weather. It wasn't really sunny, but nice enough we could get out of the house as a family and then meet up with alot of our friends. At lunch, the funniest thing happened! There was this little girl who was really into Kingston. She marched right up to our table while we were waiting for our food and started pulling on Kingston's arms. George was like, "Uhhhh, be careful." I'm like, who in the world is this child, where did she come from and please don't yank my son out of his dad's arms. Thanks. Turned out she wasn't THAT bad...she was cute at times...just a little odd. Her parents found her and took her away right after homegirl gave Kingston a hug and kiss. Minutes later...heeeeeere she comes again! Kingston started fussing and she goes, "Please baby, don't cry." It was really cute. Then her mom and some other girl came over and just started chit chattin' away about craziness and all at the same time the little girl was trying to drink my water and the mom grabbed my hand and was like staring at my ring. Then I told the little girl she couldn't drink my water so she went over to my phone and wanted to play with it. Just odd. They weren't RUDE, but who does things like that. I felt a little people I don't know...drinking my water...holding my hand...trying to hold my baby. Hm. Good times. George and I even got a last minute babysitter Saturday night (Grandma J) so George and I could go out with friends that night. It was good to spend time with our friends without a baby around. Then Sunday after church I met up with two of my girlfriends Chelsey and Alyna for lunch with Kingston, while we let papa nap :) They hadn't seen him yet since he had been born so I'm glad we were able to get together! Then George and I spent the rest of the day and evening at home relaxing and playing a little Zelda. Yup, I said it. Zelda. And not the trendy, super cool looking Zelda for like Wii or Xbox or something...the old school, cheeseball, original Zelda for the Nintendo. It really is awesome. Please don't be jealous :)

At lunch at The Slip in Kirkland...we settled Kingston in the bushes :)

Kingston wasn't into nature and started crying so George held him until our food came.

After lunch we sat in the park and fed and Auntie Anne came and met up with us!

We then met up with Daniel, Drew, Cory, Brian, Engy and Mike at Wilde Rover for a few drinks. Then later that night we went out to dinner and more drinks. Don't worry..I was driving while George took this picture. worried.

I. Love. Her.

Lunch on Sunday at Bahama Breeze with Chelsey and Alyna!