Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wedding.

George and I had the priviledge to attend my friend Jenna's wedding last night at the Arctic Club Hotel in Seattle. Has anyone else been there? The room was so beautiful, I LOVED it! I told George I wanted to throw my 30th birthday there-Ha! To that which he replied: No. I'll keep working at it....Anyways, the wedding ceremony and reception was so awesome. We had so much fun! Congratulations Jenna and Kamran!

Super quick photo op with the Bride. (Not the most flattering photo of myself...ya's one of those that you have to do super fast and you're sitting down so the person next to you is taking the photo so you have to turn around awkwardly and lean back as far as you can only to accomplish what you didn't want to accomplish? of those...but Jenna looked so GREAT!)

Anne & I (Anne was one of the bridesmaids...)

The hubs...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Weird Dream.

I have many weird dreams. Most, I actually have to draw out diagrams to really show George how weird they were. Last night? It was short, sweet and to the point. I had a dream Kingston's first real word was goggles. He said it so vivid and clear. Everything else was extreme baby babbles then if you would point to the goggles and ask him what they were he would say, "Goggles." Then look at you like what else would they be mom? Michael Phelps is that you?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Join Us For Easter!

Oh, Baby!

This past weekend Ashley came into town from Denver for her baby shower! Anne & I hosted it at Ashley's parents house in Kirkland and I must say, it turned out so cute! The few pictures that I have don't even do it justice really. Ashley is having a baby girl (Harlow Grace) so of course the theme was pretty in pink! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

You Know...Just Some Adorable Photos...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Feeling Blessed.

One specific incident moved me to write this blog (and you would think it was my negative attitude the other day, but it's not ;)). George and I were picking up some ice cream at Coldstone yesterday evening (The Pie Who Loved Me...get'll love it!) and the gal behind the counter asked us if we wanted to donate a dollar to something of a sort to support someone of a sort (could you tell I was really paying attention...I was actually more enthralled that they had ice cream cupcakes). So of course George was like, of course, why wouldn't I? Then we were chit-chattin' about it and the gal goes on to say, "You would be surprised on how many people are really against giving one dollar. A man was in here the other day and jumped down my throat when I asked him, saying, 'Why in the world would I donate a dollar in this economy, when I'm the one that someone should give a dollar to?!?!'" My initial reaction was: Really? It's a dollar. How selfish are you? Again: It's a dollar. I understand the economy sucks. My husband is in mortgage. You think his job has been candyland the past 6 months? And who are you to think that someone somewhere owes YOU? Alot of harsh accusations there's, especially coming from a girl who basically has a 2009 resolution to be less selfish (talk about being a hypocrite, sorry :()Here's the thing though: Christ has meant for this life to be enjoyed, but at the same time never guaranteed that it would be easy peasy for us. So alot of time, I don't get the complaining. And if you ask me? I think life is super hard. And I tend to DWELL on the hardness of it and oh how tough it is and what I don't have and what I think I need or what I think I deserve and all the pain and suffering and sickness and fear and death and anything negative you can think of. I think I am so negative, I don't enjoy life. I'm constantly looking for the enjoyment. Waiting for it to drop on my doorstep. I don't take the time to even look at the things I am blessed with that actually make my life enjoyable. And yes, there are the easy blessings: Great family, Good Friends, Awesome Husband, Beautiful and Healthy baby boy, the Best church (shout out to Eastlake, what what), etc. Then this is where it gets tough...I feel like it's hard to notice details, so I'm going to do my best to pour out some things I feel blessed with:

  • I feel blessed that I even know Christ.
  • I feel blessed to even be married.
  • I feel blessed to have even been pregnant and given the opportunity to raise a handsome lil' boy!
  • I feel blessed George even HAS a job.
  • I feel blessed that George even got a promotion within his company.
  • I feel blessed that we own a home.
  • I feel blessed we each have a car.
  • I feel blessed that finances suck so bad and yet we can still manage to put food on the table and eat and pay bills.
  • I feel blessed that I can still shop every now and then.
  • I feel blessed that I feel my attitude changing a little each day into a more positive one.
  • I even feel blessed that even though marriage sucks sometimes that our marriage doesn't even really suck.
  • I feel blessed I can CHOOSE to stay home with Kingston.
  • I feel blessed to know I have a husband who becoming a better husband each day and he has a wife who is becoming a better wife each day.
  • I feel blessed that we have hot water (weird I know), so hot that our doctor made sure that we turn it down so it doesn't burn our lil' one's hands when he attempts to turn it on. I mean really? We have so much hot water that we need to turn the heat down? How many people in this world can say that?
  • I just feel blessed.

I would rather have a life that is ultimately unknown, uncomfortable and a bumpy road cause it constantly brings me to my knees to Christ. If I had it "good". If I lived in the house I wanted. If I lived in the city I wanted. If I wore what I wanted to wear. If we made more money. If I drove what I wanted to drive. If I get to travel all the time where I want to travel. I can honestly say I don't think I could seek Christ out as much as I do and really work on being humble, less selfish and to see the many blessings in my life. God would much rather have a relationship with me and guess what? I would much rather have a relationship with Him.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just A Few Pet Peeves...Just A Few...

  • How the parking spaces in this world don't exactly accomodate SUV's.
  • When you're parked in a huge parking lot with lots of space choices and someone else feels the need to park RIGHT next to you.
  • Then it just so happens that person parks on the side your child sits making it extra uber difficult to get them in and out.
  • When old people are still a red light...almost hit you...then stare at you like they have no idea what just happened..."Uhhhhhh, you just ran a red light dumb a$$" (Yup, I just swore on my blog.)
  • When an extra cheerful employee of McDonald's offers me half of their menu after I already ordered, like I'm not embarrassed enough that I'm picking up fast food, "No, I don't want another double quarter pounder with cheese or a fresh hot apple pie right of the oven for 50 cents!" Thanks though.
  • Even further...when extra cheerful employees of any fast food restaurant feel the need to guess my meal size or what I would like to drink. I feel like purposely changing my order so they are never right..."So you would like that a large?"...."Noooooo...a smaalllll."...."So you would like a coke?"...."Uhhhhh, nooooo...a DIET coke."
  • And P.S...anyone ever notice how Wendy's tries to trick you by just saying, "Medium or Large?" As if they have no small...well I don't fall for it...ever.

That's it. For now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

9 Months!

Kingston turned 9 months old yesterday! The lil' man is growing up. So much has actually happened in the past month too! Here are the monumental recaps:

  • Weight: 17lbs. 13oz. (10th percentile) when I say lil'...I really mean lil'. It's ok though cause doc says judging how tall and thin George is and how thin I am, he's on the right track! Kingston actually had to get weighed twice cause the first time the nurses messed up and called his weight at 15lbs. 4oz (less than 3%) about a jaw-dropper, I thought my kid was anorexic.
  • Length: 28 1/4 in. (50th percentile)...average.
  • Head: 17 1/2 in. (25th percentile)...whatever...I don't care about his head.
  • Kingston is actually crawling now! He seriously did it yesterday while we were at his check up! The doctor scared Kingston so Kingston scurried his way to George and I'm like, "Did our son just crawl?" George confirmed: it was a crawl.
  • He's pulling himself up. He has actually become really disinterested in his toys because of it. All he wants to do while he is awake is stand up, sit down, stand up and sit down. It's cute that he's learned but now I have a tugging toddler at my feet yanking on my legs and pants when he gets a chance! He is also standing in his crib now...I'm just waiting for him to figure how to climb out :) Actually I'm more like hoping he doesn't learn at all, but that's just a long lost dream I'm sure.
  • His two front teeth are FINALLY coming in and Kingston's been an absolute terror in the meantime! He has a total of 6 teeth now at the expense of mine and George's sanity. These have been the worse so far. He is constantly fussy, I feel like I have a newborn again. There was a little bleeding too so I really do feel bad for the lil' man and wish he weren't in so much pain.
  • Last but not least, Kingston's babbling so much more. MOST of the time it really does sound like "mama", but I know that he really doesn't understand that and it really isn't him saying it...soon I hope!