Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saxyn's {Birth}day.

My long awaited induction finally arrived. Most people thought this little one would come on her own, but I know my children, they need a little help. Monday the 29th was the longest day ever too. All I could think about was having my baby. I was really nervous. REALLY nervous. I preoccupied my time as much as I could.

The late evening soon rolled around and we arrived at the hospital about midnight. Walked right in...immediately got settled...did the necessary paperwork and began my IV. Ohhh, my IV. Bless my {first} nurse's heart. She was so cute and sweet, but perhaps a tad new to the labor and delivery? Just perhaps. She poked me about 3 times and kept "losing" my vein and had to call in an IV specialist to finish the job. Yikes. That really hurt. But didn't have time to really complain. It was around 1/1:30am and the pitocin and fluids have started.

Everything started off slow, but by 4:00am I was done-zo. So done I couldn't even tell you. Labor hurt like hell. Oh but Mr. Anesthesiologist is in a c-section and will be another 45 minutes. You're kidding. Another yikes. Welllllll okay, here we go. Just breathe, right? Riiiiight. I wanted to die. I'm still only maybe 3 cm. and hating life. And now, come to find out, my newbie nurse sliced her finger open and had to go to the ER for stitches. Of course.

And in comes my {second} nurse. Whoa, look out! She blew in like a tornado and rearranged the whole room and got me setup with about 15 pillows {she actually stole pillows from other peoples rooms} in a matter of minutes and was absolutely amazing. Oh good! Great news! Anesthesiologist is here! He was in and out in about 10 minutes and did a wonderful job...kinda. I got some relief but soon found out my epidural mainly numbed up my right side and left my left side hangin'. Ouch. Literally. I tried to get some sleep but that didn't work. I was drugged up and felt nauseous.

Upon 7am I was re-checked: 4cm. Great. Aren't we moving along a tad bit slow. Sheesh. BUT...I had my final nurse change and my lovely Nicole {whom I requested at the beginning of this whole thing...she was with me during Kingston's birth and goes to my church too so I was dying to have her again with me on this delivery} was finally here. She followed up with my Dr. who was on his way in to check in on me. So sweet of him. By 7:30am though I was not feeling the greatest. My pain was increasing on my left side and I threw up a couple times. Nicole decided to check me again and realized my sweet baby girl was about an inch away of coming out. Super yikes! She left the room to inform my Dr. that I was indeed ready to deliver asap. However, even though he was on his way he was still about a half hour out. So, of course, knowing I needed him there I laid on my side with my legs shut to keep this baby in. :) We were all trying to pass time.

It was a little past 8am and I couldn't hold it any longer. Nicole said, "Oh, maybe we'll just do a 'practice' push." Ha. She was putting gloves on right as I rolled over onto my back and not even a second later lil' miss saxyn started sliding on out. My mom is hovered over in the corner and points, saying, "Uh, the head is coming right out." I wasn't even pushing yet. My nurse quickly shoved her other glove on, yelled out the door for a 2nd nurse and ran over just in time to catch my baby. It took a matter of about 10 seconds for saxyn to come into the world and right as George was cutting the cord my Dr. walked in just in time to catch my placenta. Lovely. I think he was pretty bummed he missed the whole thing. As was I. And every single one of us are still shocked that everything went so incredibly fast. My daughter is finally here though. She is healthy...happy...sleepy...and hungry! She already eats way more than Kingston. Maybe I'll have a chubby baby this time around! We have her newborn photo shoot next week and I'll try to get photos of my own up as soon as I can! Life with two kiddos under the age of two is busy!