Monday, May 10, 2010

Being An Aunt.

Oh you guys! I'm a real. live. aunt. My sister Engy {more like sister in law, but they're sisters to me!}...anywho! Back to my bragging! My sister Engy had her baby girl last Thursday! She named her lil' sweet pea Ireland Grace and weighed 7lbs. 70z and was 20 inches long {which is pretty much what Saxyn was too!}. It was THE CRAZIEST birth story so if you happen to know her, ask her about it! Some quick highlights? Okay! I'll tell you!
  • She was 2 weeks early!
  • She had miss ireland on her daddy's birthday at 11:25pm...barely made it! Best present he ever got! :)
  • Her water broke at home and had the baby within the hour and within 10 minutes of being at the hospital!
  • Proud parents and sweet baby girl are all healthy, happy and at home!
Congratulations Sister! I love my niece so incredibly much I could cry! Thank you for making me an auntie and I can't wait to spoil her rotten! :)


allie said...

okay, first off, those are some stinkin' adorable kiddos! and how fun to have cousins so close in age! secondly, i hate to point this out, but is she flipping off the camera in the picture with george? :) maybe not, but either way she's so sweet and i love the name! congrats auntie!

The Carbonatto Family said...

Ireland semi met Brecken in the new babies/parents class at the hospital! Engy walked in, I took one look at her, and said "You're George's sister right?" Haha! So fun and so cute!